Sportbike Freestyle in X-Games 16

Written by LeahStunts Monday, Courtesy of

xgamesIt was one small step for a stunter, one giant leap for Sportbike Freestyle; as riders took to their small lot on the outskirts of the one and only X-Games in Los Angeles, CA.  While the space allowed to ride was reserved, the riding was anything but reserved as the most competitive riders went all out for the crowds and unknowing passer-byers. The stunting event ran on the XDL template, with events like the FMF Cup, the Sartso Womens Cup, Sickest Trick, Aprilia Challenge and Circle Challenge.

While it may have appeared like any other extreme sports event it was a monumental day for those involved. Since stunting was birthed on the streets some 12 years ago, dedicated and entrepreneurial riders have dedicated their life to turning the sport into something fun, exciting and what one might call a career.  While the XDL event was only a demo in the X-Games it was a landmark to gauge that the sport is headed in a legitimate and successful direction.

The XDL staff and coordinators created a flowing event in the small space and time granted to the stunters.  Specially selected riders from all over the country made their homage to the promised land of extreme sports.  Like most XDL events, there were crashes, amazing feats and innovative new tricks displayed by the riders who work every day to expand the sports limits.

While the riders relished in their victory, top brands and other athletes were also exposed to stunting and able to experience the sport for what it is today. While stunting will never be able to completely step away from its renegade beginnings, professional events like the demo at X-Games will slowly prove to the industry and fans that its become more then some rebels wrecking havoc on public roads.

While the riders work 24-7 to build the sport, the success is truly up to the fans, so what do you think of this little sport that could? X-Games potential or hooligans who like to crash bikes?