Wear your gear: Walking away from a motorcycle crash

SIDI boots took considerable slide damage while preventing any injury
Except for the occasional foray into wearing regular street jeans, I’m pretty much an ATGATT guy (forum speak for “all the gear, all the time”). Luckily, on a cool autumn ride a few seasons ago I followed that mantra to the letter. My V-Strom and I experienced the proverbial “low-side” crash after I was enthusiastically testing the cornering limits of my new bike. Let’s just say, first I heard the peg scraping and then after that the rest of the bike was doing the scraping. Since they say a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll let them do all the talking.
Outer layer of First Gear Kilimanjaro Air mesh jacket suffered burn through but did not penetrate inner liner

There are no guarantees in the world, however protective gear can help you in a motorcycle crash.

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Written by Doug Posner at Competition Accessories, (800) 543-3535 EXT. 2021