Ducati Team Knows “Exactly What We Want” for Next MotoGP Test

Vito_Guareschi_Ducati_Team_managerThe Sepang test was a disappointment for the Ducati Team. Valentino Rossi missed a day of testing due to illness, and the team was unable to put in competitive laps. Rossi, Hayden, and the Ducati team spent the Sepang test chasing the lap leaders, and finished nearly two seconds behind the top lap times.

Valentino Rossi discussed how he was nervous about the 2011 season after the Sepang test, but it looks like there has been a change of heart in the Ducati garage. Ducati Team Manager Vittoriano Guareschi says that the Sepang test allowed Ducati to figure out “exactly what they want” to do to get ready for the 2011 season.

“It’s been an interesting test for both riders,” Guareschi said. “We tested new set-ups but it is still necessary to conduct more testing. We need more from Qatar to keep a definite direction.”

“The new Ducati definitely doesn’t have a big difference in comparison to the GP10. We have a few small new things and we now understand exactly what we want from the bike to have a good start to the season. We are happy.”

The MotoGP riders will have one more testing session at Qatar before the start of the season. Guareschi says that Rossi is getting better every time he sits on the bike, and he is confident that with one more testing session, the Ducati team will be well prepared for the start of the 2011 season on March 20th.

“Valentino’s bike is getting easier for him to ride, and he and Jerry (Burgess) are understanding the feel and the character of the bike better every time. But we definitely need more tests and kilometres,” Guareschi said.

You can see a video of Vito Guareschi’s interview at MotoGP.com.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com