Travel Canada Virtually, in High Definition

Jeff_and_bikeThere is nothing quite like traveling in Canada with its abundance of breathtaking scenery, glacier kissed lakes, and diverse geography, from the high-altitude ear popping Rocky Mountains to the forever-flat lands in Saskatchewan. To travel across Canada by car is incredible, but nothing captures the sights, scents, and sounds of Canada better than seeing it from behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Jeff Pennock from started riding with his first dirt bike at the age of seven and has never stopped. That beat up, Yamaha dirt bike fueled his lifelong passion towards riding and today Jeff rides with an impressive 30 years of experience. Even a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1998 has not taken away his desire to ride and explore. Jeff’s new project, which is called Virtual Riding Television (or Vridetv for short) mixes Jeff’s passion for riding with his talents in videography and photography. […]

It is one thing to experience the sights but Jeff wanted to capture the memories on camera and share them with the world. To do this he operates three different cameras with three very different responsibilities. His primary camera, the Sony HDR-HC3, captures a virtual riding experience and is thus the inspiration for the title of the project. Through a custom made handlebar mount enclosed in a waterproof container, this camera captures the twisty-turns, the insane weather changes, and the various wild creatures that Jeff meets along his way.

To give a point-of-view experience, Jeff purchased the new Sony HXR-MC1 which he mounts on another custom bracket on the side of his helmet. This camera captures scenery and action that his permanently mounted front camera may miss such as a majestic green-blue roadside lake hidden in-between a mountain pass or a soft orange sun sneaking behind the snow tipped Rockies. Amazingly, his little helmet cam still captures in high definition to capture every detail of his adventures. Jeff takes a third camera, the Sony HDR-HC9, with him for those quick grab moments when he needs to make a quick pan shot, tripod and setup work, or to capture some in-the-moment pictures or video.

Probably the most vital piece of equipment for Jeff is his motorcycle, a 2003 100th anniversary Harley-Davidson V-rod VRSCA. While most would not consider this bike the ideal long-distance motorcycle, he uses this bike because of its high performance engine, 103,000 kms and counting of reliability, and smooth lightweight handling with similar characteristics to a sport bike. Using the V-rod for this purpose does have its challenges including the small 3.7 gallon fuel cell, the small stock hard saddle bags, and the solid front wheel, which catches the wind like a sail. Overall though, the roads in Canada make a sportier bike, that much more fun.

Read more about Jeff Pennock’s experiences and photography on his site, VrideTV

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