Inside XDL on Versus Network This Fall

Written by LeahStunts, Courtesy of

61549429642620979514230 Stunting seems to be the little motorcycle sport that could. Despite its renegade beginnings on public roads the sport has taken strides towards re-branding itself with legitimate moves like a place in the X-Games, sponsors like Red Bull, Ducati, Aprilia and BMW and now its very own TV show. “Inside XDL” will premiere on Versus network on October 12th and offer the first real look into stunting as a competitive sport. The show will introduce some of the best riders in the world as they compete all over the country for money, respect and notoriety in the XDL Championship Series.

With good cause, most people involved in the motorcycle industry dismissed stunting as irresponsible and inconsequential years ago. But since then the sport has been dedicated on working to create a exciting and lawful new sport, despite what anyone thinks. The “Inside XDL” series will re-introduce “stunting” to the world as a competitive sport with entrepreneurial riders making a career out of doing what they love.

The characters and stunt icons on the series have been with it since the beginning and their passion and dedication shows.  The group of hard-working, over-traveled and under-paid athletes drip of determination which is sure to produce nail-biting competition and even a bit of personal drama. Maybe you hate stunting, maybe you love it, either way give it a chance to reintroduce itself to you this fall on Versus network.  For more information check the Versus website: