Cool & Affordable – Vega Altura Helmets

With safety, comfort and affordability in mind, the Vega Altura Helmets have been made for street riding but with the bonus of versatility, by being easily converted to a helmet for snowmobiling too.

Constructed tough enough to pass the standards set by the US Dot FMVSS 218 and the European ECE 22.05, the Vega Altura Solid Helmets, as well as the Slayer graphic helmets, will keep you safe. Available in three shell sizes, the XS-M and the L-2XL have been made of an advanced thermoplastic, while the larger 3XL-5XL has the durable fiberglass shell. To help get the perfect fit for you, all the helmet liners are interchangeable, plus washable and made of Wick Dri material, which is super comfy. Continue reading Cool & Affordable – Vega Altura Helmets

The Vega Summit 3.0 Modular Helmet with Optional Bluetooth for Motorcycle or Snowmobile Use

If you’re looking for a modular motorcycle helmet that has great versatility and is affordable, then look no further. The Vega Summit 3.0 Helmets can be purchased with or without the Bluetooth included and either style can be easily converted to a snowmobile helmet so you can use it year around.  If you’re not sure you want the bluetooth version right now, no worries, you can always upgrade the basic Vega Summit 3.0 Solid Helmet by adding the communication system later, if you change your mind. Continue reading The Vega Summit 3.0 Modular Helmet with Optional Bluetooth for Motorcycle or Snowmobile Use

Vega X-280 – Affordable Helmets for the Whole Family

Well here you have it, an inexpensive open face styled helmet for all of your family members. The Vega X-280 Helmet for the adults in your family and the Vega X-280 Jr Solid Youth Helmets for all your kids who enjoy riding too.

This motorcycle helmet is constructed with an advanced thermoplastic outer shell, which is available in 2 sizes for adults and 3 sizes for kids and is DOT approved. With adjustable forehead vents to give you some airflow and a soft super-absorbent Wick Dri liner, you will stay comfortable in your Vega X-280 Helmet throughout your ride. Continue reading Vega X-280 – Affordable Helmets for the Whole Family

Short Styled Race Boot – Vega 12 O’Clock Sport Boots

Whether you are racing motorcycles for fun or doing some serious motocross the Vega 12 O’Clock Sport Boots are made tough and will withstand the beating you give them on the track.

To keep you well protected, there are a multitude of safety areas integrated within these motorcycle racing boots.  Cool looking, these boots are made with tough thermoplastic and top quality leather uppers with a reinforced leather ankle, along with a molded shift guard, replaceable toe sliders and supportive molded heel cups. The Vega 12 O’Clock Sport Boots have a contoured padded foot bed, along with a padded interior and articulated instep, provide you with the flexibility you need to ride and the support you want. From the sturdy rubber soles, to the top edge of the boots, is a distance of 9″ in height and sports velcro & zip closures to keep them nice and tight while racing at top speeds.

So check out these and all the other racing boots we offer on our website today. If you have any questions or comments, let us know, we love to hear your feedback.

Ready for some Off-Road Riding? Grab a Vega Viper Helmet

Do you love hitting the dirt trails? Whether you’re riding a dirt bike or ATV for fun or doing some more serious motocross the Vega Viper Helmets can protect you during your adventure.

viperConstructed with safety in mind this off road helmet has been DOT and European ECE certified for maximum protection. Sporting a serious aerodynamic shell made of thermoplastic and fiberglass with dual density EPS foam padding on the inside, to absorb impact, your head will be safeguarded if you happen to eat the dirt. The shells come in three sizes with interchangeable liner so you can custom fit any helmet and the Wick Dri liner is washable so you can stay cool and keep it clean. Continue reading Ready for some Off-Road Riding? Grab a Vega Viper Helmet