Vegas Police Help Clear the Air

VegasPoliceVectrixLast year the Consumer Electronics Association made a $50,000 donation to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to purchase seven Vectrix electric motorcycles. We have heard that the Police in Las Vegas are using these stealthy machines now on the street.

thumb_PoliceSpottedVectrixInVegasWe found on user IndyF1 posted up a picture of officers that appear to be on the new electric motorcycles. The VX-1 is a powerful, all-electric, all-highway-capable Personal Electric Vehicle that goes 68 mph, has a range of 35-55 miles, and does it all for about a penny a mile.

One feature of this motorcycle that caught our attention was the Advanced Throttle, a multi-function throttle allows riders to accelerate and slow down with a simple twist of the throttle. This is a real nice feature, engine breaking on an electric motorcycle. Mike Blansky of the Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed Officer Michael Loving who stated “They’re very crowd-maneuverable; quiet, and small.

You can get on the sidewalks before anyone even knows you’re there, and you won’t be knocking people down.” Officer Loving also stated “It takes a completely different riding set and style. It sits low, and there’s a balancing dynamic. You’ll get officers who try this out who are really surprised about how they handle.” Looks like Vegas is breaking new ground with these zero emission vehicles.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of