This Valentino Rossi Guy Might Be Good Some Day [Video]

rossi_rallyHave you heard of this guy, Valentini Rosso? He’s new on the rally circuit but he’s pretty good. Ross Valentine? I guess he used to race motorcycles or something. Valentino Rossi, that’s it. He could be a good rally racer someday.

Valentino Rossi took second place in a Ford Fiesta RS WRC during the 2011 Monza Rally. The Doctor finished just 24 seconds behind eight-time world champion Sebastien Loeb. After the race, Rossi told the Autoblog:

“I’m happy, it was one of my best rallies, even if I had won it the past. Getting ahead of Loeb in two specials really turned me on… I’ll do a few more years in MotoGP, then I’d race in rallies: these machines are really fun to drive because they have less electronics.”

Rossi failed to take a victory for the first time in his MotoGP career last season, so you can bet that the Italian will keep racing in the MotoGP until he returns to glory. But after that, he could find himself racing on four wheels.

Here’s a video of Valentino Rossi at the Monza Rally.