Balancing On The Uno Motorcycle

Written by Taryn Kukucka, Courtesy of
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 09:53
single_wheelDon’t call it a Segway…the Uno is a street ready motorcycle. It might seem a little too geeky for the average rider, but imagine how easy riding in traffic would be.

With a crew of builders and engineers, inventor Ben J. Poss Gulak was able to make his vision of the Uno motorcycle a reality. This self-balancing bike is equipped with a pair of gyroscopes (a spinning wheel or disk that measures orientation) to maintain its self-balancing, upright position. The motorcycle weighs 120-pounds with a single on-off control switch.

So how exactly do you ride the Uno? All you have to do is lean in the direction you want the bike to move…to ride forward, lean forward. An important note would be that to increase or decrease velocity the rider simply needs to lean further forward or backward. It sounds easy enough…as long as the rider can control his movements.