Tron: Legacy Comes to Life…Sort of

UDReplicas Tron: Legacy Suit Motorcycle Apparel It was used as a joke on more than one episode of The Simpsons not too long ago, and it still manifests itself in geekdom even now in the 21st century. Disney’s first foray into – indeed for much of the audience it was their first up-close look at – computer-generated animation was with the movie Tron.

The film’s plot and dialog were not necessarily Oscar-worthy, but the acting was good and the sheer audacity to attempt such a film gave it a sort of cult status among many – it was truly groundbreaking for its time back in 1982. The culture which has developed around Tron has spread into video games, comic books and a coming-to-a-TV-near-you animated series.

The recently released Tron: Legacy actually did very well for a mid-December opening, and the theatre-going public has given it very high ratings. Disney/Buena Vista has managed to bring the Tron universe back and make it relevant to a whole new generation. That could be overstating the facts a little, though it is hard to go anywhere now without seeing something connected to the film…you can see where this is going, right? Yes, you too can show your appreciation for the Tron design concept – the ‘look and feel’ of the movie – by becoming your own character.

UDReplicas, the same company which brought us the official Batman Movie Replica Outerwear line of motorcycle apparel, is now responsible for giving the world two styles of motorcycle riding gear based on Disney’s Tron: Legacy. The two suits, one based on the Flynn character (played by Garrett Hedlund) and one based on Quorra (played by Olivia Wilde), are actually two-piece units with a jacket and pants unique to each. Matching gloves and boots are also included UDReplicas Tron: Legacy Suit (Quorra) Motorcycle Apparel in with the suit, or can be ordered separately as you wish.

Each of the handcrafted suits contain CE-approved armor in the usual places, form-molded leather detailing, stretch Kevlar-Spandex inserts in the parts that need it, have “a unique tone-on-tone silicone hexagonal print” drawn from a motif used in the film, and retroreflective accents as seen onscreen. These are actually as functional as well as fashionable – and safe.

Prices were announced and are not unreasonable for a limited edition – only 1000 of each are being made – motorcycle-rated apparel with a very unusual design. For the Flynn suit: the jacket retails for $498, pants at only $269, gloves $79, and boots at an entry level price of $149. The entire suit, in your choice of sizes, will cost you $995. For the Quorra suit: the jacket is $425, the pants $259, gloves $69, and boots $146. The entire Quorra outfit will cost you $899.

True, it’s not a custom fit, but even off-the-shelf leather suits often cost more with certain brand names stitched on them, and you know there will only ever be 999 more versions of what you are wearing.

Once you decide to place an order, you must visit the UDReplicas website and submit your UDReplicas Tron: Legacy Suit (Flynn) Motorcycle Apparelinformation and choose your sizing. Delivery will not begin until the second quarter of 2011 – it is a labor-intensive process making the Tron suits just as it is with the other apparel the company has created – Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Wolverine inspired suits. You certainly owe yourself a look at the clever adaptations and authentic looks.

If you want the feel of blasting through a digital short circuit on your own Light Cycle, one of these two suits will get you just about as close as you can come in 2011. Disney Consumer Products and Universal Designs, parent to UDReplicas, are giving you a rare opportunity to dress yourself in the clothes of a hero from the cinema. The Tron: Legacy Suit will guarantee that you are seen by everyone within eyesight – as they say, safety first!

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of