Cradle to Grave Kawasakis

Kawasaki-BMX As Kermit the frog once said, “It’s not easy being green.”  Well, thanks to Kawasaki’s aggressive and prolific product development, it’s getting much easier.

My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki, and I ride one now…35 years later. That first bike was a smoky old KX125 and I loved it.  It was the first thing that I didn’t have to pedal.   It turns out that now there are Kawasakis that you DO pedal.

It appears that Kawasaki is now looking to make cradle to grave brand loyalists.  I thought I was the closest thing – not so.  The Japanese company now offers everything from tricycles to push scooters; BMX competition bikes to full on mountain bikes.  Some of these new pedal bikes have amazing full suspensions.  Even the tricycles are suspended!

So what it boils down to is that you can effectively spend your entire two-wheeled existence on a Kawasaki.  Here is the logical progression:


  1. Pedal a Kawasaki trike
  2. Catch your balance on a Kawasaki foot scooter
  3. Hit the track on a Team Green BMX bike
  4. Blaze trails on a full Kaw Mountain bike
  5. Get motorized on a Kawasaki dirt-bike
  6. Blaze into your twenties on a Ninja
  7. Log huge miles through mid-life on a Kawasaki tourer

Well, you get the idea.  I just hope you love GREEN!

Here is a cool site from the Netherlands that shows the full range of Kawasaki pedal bikes:

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Leading the way and Never Following, Tremoto


Leading the way into a new area of motorcycle design is Tremoto. Using a patent pending Leaning Vehicle Suspension system the rider is introduced to an all new sensation in motorcycle riding.

Imagine leaning into a corner at 45 degrees and not having to worry about the front end washing out. You can lock up both front brakes without falling or loss of control, the two front wheels and single rear wheel provide a very stable platform. The stability of this platform allows this machine to get out on dirt and gravel roads and have some real off road fun, you can slide the rear tire through a turn like a flat track racer.

The technology behind this cutting edge motorcycle is made possible through a unique composite monoleaf spring and robust Kayaba rotary dampers, pivoting about a 4130 chromoly steel front sub frame. Parallelogram double a-arm suspension links, T-pin style uprights and clever steering geometry round out this lightweight package. By maintaining a low overall suspension height, front frame bulk is minimized.

A limited run of production models, deliverable Q3 of 2011, will be based on a Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle. Its chromoly trellis frame, low mass center, and 105hp make it a revolutionary high performance platform. You can see a Tremoto in action at .

Tremoto-Lean-large TreMotoSand

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Keira Knightley Road Tests the New Ducati Trike!

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OK, so the title is a lie.  The beautiful star of Pirates of the Caribbean is also the pitch model for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume.  She was photographed astride a pale pink 1970′s Ducati 750 Sport in matching pink retro leathers and helmet.  The Paris filming was for a new TV commercial for the perfume.

Sadly, instead of actually riding the classic Duc, Knightly was a passenger on a dolly for the shoot.  However, a statuesque beauty on a Ducati is a good thing even if the bike has training wheels.

I don’t know how the Coco Mademoiselle perfume will smell, but anything mixed with the exhaust of a classic desmo twin has got to smell great!

Word on the street is that Valentino Rossi is considering the same pale pink motif for his 2011 Ducati MotoGP bikes.  OK, that’s not true either, but I wouldn’t put it past him!