Popular Touring Packages in Europe

Making travel plans for Europe? Enjoy the thrill of new and adventurous experiences? There is no better way to get acclimated with the beautiful landscapes and beckoning hilltops of Europe than riding with some of the world’s leading motorcycle tours. Whether you’re seeking a majestic route in Tuscany, Italy, or perhaps the rough hidden roads in the German Alps – there’s a route and experience for you.

Here’s a list of suggestions, just to name few. . .

Edelweiss Bike Travel

  • Alps Extreme: Start in Munich Germany, drive into Austria’s Tyrol, ride further south to South Tyrol Italy and back up to Munich.
  • Breakfast, dinner and hotel included
  • Choose from numerous different bikes, including: BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph and Ducati


Motorcycle Tours UK

  • Family owned and operated, provide a personal touch and experience
  • Tours range from 3-15 days, and can be Escorted & Guided or Private/VIP
  • Choose between destinations of: North Wales, Ireland, France, Scotland, and others.


Adriatic Moto Tours

  • Start in Athens, Greece and ride along the Mediterranean coast
  • 11 day tour, with a rest on the 8th day.
  • Suzuki, BMW, Honda and Yamaha bikes available.


Experience Europe firsthand in a way you never dreamed possible. What better style to get a true sense of the environment, views and beauty of Europe than with the wind at your back and the open road ahead? Just don’t forget a camera!