Artistic Ink in Electric Solos


Alex Higgins knows how to make your seat stand out.  Higgins of Electric Solos uses the very best in raw materials and a knowledge of classic styling to put the finishing touches on custom cycles. His unique and original designs are hand crafted authentic tattoos on genuine cowhide with tattoo ink.

Higgins says the inspirations for his works of art are some legendary artists. “I’ve always admired guys like Von Dutch, Ed Roth, and Sailor Jerry he said.  “Just guys doing unique stuff. I love ‘one-off’ stuff. I wanted to produce something unique too, something that had not been done before. But that’s partially true…because I wasn’t sitting there trying to figure out what I could do to be ‘unique.’  It just kind of happened. I’ve always loved the look of old, weathered, tattoos on people. So I was ultimately trying to duplicate that look. And it just made perfect sense to tattoo leather. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 40 years and tattooing for 15, so the seats just seemed like the next right thing to do. The desire to do something original, but also coupled with a lot of luck.”

Two of Alex’s most eye-catching  seat designs are “Daisy” and the other “Smoke 300.” When asked if there was any special meaning behind these seats Higgins said, “Basically, they were sayings that I liked and I built the designs around those sayings.”

Esolo-Daisy Esolo-Smoke300
You can see more of Alex Higgins’ designs at Electric Solos.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of