Streetbike Freestyle Team StuntNZ: Exclusive interview!

sophieNWe did an exclusive interview with Sophie Nolan, from Street Bike Freestyle team, STUNTNZ. We wanted to find out a little bit more about the group and Sophie, so we asked some questions to find out what it is that makes this lady a ‘stunt – driven’ chick!

What stunt bike(s) do you have?

We stunt on a Cbr600F4i 01 and our other rider is bringing in a 636.

How long have you been stunt riding for?

For a few months, riding every night almost when the car parks are free.

What first got you into the sport?

My boyfriend was riding and I’ve always been on the dirt riding or riding road bikes but saw what he was up to and sort of realized this is my calling.

How did Stunt NZ come about?

Well we saw the scene and the talent, so we thought why not take over New Zealand?

How many of you are there in your team and what do they do?

There is my boyfriend, Nic Kroeze who stunts and we also have Alex McCleary who’s an up and coming stunt rider, but for now, he works the P.A. system at shows explaining what we do.

Are there many women stunt riding where you live? How do you feel about that?

I haven’t heard of any women doing it here, but I am really inspired by chicks that ride and find a great connection with other women around the world doing the same thing.

Do you have many shows booked up for 2011?

Seeing as its summer, we have a few lined up which is exciting! Our shows are high energy and we add different elements of entertainment separating us from the rest.

How is it for you being female in this sport?

Its exciting and lots of fun! The guys are very helpful and supportive, so I’m happy with that. Lots of people are really positive towards it.

Can you tell us some highs and lows from stunt riding?

The highs are riding, achieving, completing your goals and pushing the boundaries. The lows are crashes and not being able to ride.

Have you had many accidents? If so what happened and why?

I had one good-en where I crashed a Christ! I got thrown off the bike when I jumped down after getting my wobble on, and I ended up with a screwed shoulder, road rash, amnesia, concussion, cracked ribs and an awesome ambulance ride!

What else do you do aside from stunt riding?

I model and do promotional work but other than that riding is my life.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Utah, USA but moved here when I was 18. I was born here so had a connection to my homeland.

Do you have any big plans for your team this year?

Go harder and take this above and beyond.

Where can we see you at a show next?

We have shows lined up for the next 3 weekends one included is the NZDRA at the meremere speedway but stay tuned we have shows all this summer!

Who is your stunt riding inspiration?

I’d say Dena Sodano, Chesca Miles and Jessica Maine.

Do you have any sponsors on board? If so, who?

Shift, Demon Energy, Edaboc Streetwear, Skin Industries, Infamous Designs, Shoei and Waikato Yamaha.

Do you have a website and/or Facebook address where we can find you?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you work hard at your dreams, anything is possible


So there we have it! Another angle and perspective from a stunt team based in New Zeland! To find out more about stunt riding and up-to-date posts related to the sport, visit our BLOG and website

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