The Greatest Isle of Man Race of All-Time? Foggy Vs. Hizzy [Video]

Isle_of_Man_StampsThe Isle of Man has seen some legendary races, but only one can be named the greatest race of all time. Thousands of fans voted, and the greatest race in the history of the Isle of Man was the 1992 battle between Carl Fogarty and Steve Hislop in the Senior TT.

So what made this race so phenomenal? Both riders were on unfamiliar machines, both riders set lap records, and both riders rode consistently above 120 miles per hour.

“Foggy” rode a Loctite Yamaha OW01, and “Hizzy” rode an Abus-backed Norton rotary. Hislop would end up taking the race win by 4.4 seconds. It was Norton’s first win since 1973, and its first Senior win since 1961.

The Foggy vs. Hizzy race beat out other amazing Isle of Man TT races like the 2000 Formula 1 race when Joey Dunlop triumphed over David Jefferies, which was named the second greatest race in the history of the Isle of man. The third greatest race was last year’s Superstock battle between Ryan Farquhar and Ian Hutchinson. Hutchinson won the race by 1.32 seconds, claiming his fifth TT victory of the week.

A short list of 10 amazing races was picked by legendary racers, commentators, and journalists. John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Michael Dunlop, Dave Molyneux, Charlie Williams, Steve Parrish and Gary Pinchin created the list, which will be turned into stamps by the Isle of Man Post Office.

“TT fans have really got behind the vote and although there was a clear winner,” said Dot Tilbury, General Manager of the Isle of Man Stamps and Coins. “Many of the races also received lots of votes which hopefully proves that the shortlist was correct. However, I’m sure that the debate will continue up to this year’s TT when more races will be added to its illustrious history.”

Here’s a video of the greatest Isle of Man race of all-time.

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