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CarlFogarty# John kockinski..sorry!
8:32 AM Jan 17th via txt

# Been thinking.. I just want to say sorry for the things I said when I was racing. Mainly to aaron slight,scott russel,colin edwards and …
8:31 AM Jan 17th via txt

A man who was aggressive on the track and was able to attain four World SuperBike titles posts an apology on twitter. Was this a farce? Did Carl Fogarty actually post this tweet? What does it matter; the man had his reason for tweeting these entries. If Foggy feels he needed to make an apology to people he raced with, then it is done. I believe the man knows what he is doing and has achieved his goal whatever it may have been. I must admit there have been some interesting comments found on the Internet related to this tweet. There was a very active discussion over on with comments like:

No apology necessary Carl. You were a proper “hard” racer and one of the very few to conquer both circuits AND roads. You weren’t paid to be a nice guy, you were paid to win, which you did! Anyone who can’t respect you for that doesn’t deserve anything from you.
Posted by Champ

“He also won more races than Slight during his season on the RC45 and took Hondas first double on that bike (Slighty had been riding it for 2 or 3 years.” er, but you forgot to mention he still finish behind Slight who was 2nd in the title. And the next year on the same bike Kocinski won twice as many races as Carl had and bagged the title.
Posted by RawDawg

maybe thats true but carl was world superbikes in the 90’s he made the sport his own and dominated the series, he holds records that stand to this day and when Troy Bayliss considered comming back it was to have a crack at Carls Record haul of titles as said elsewhere Carl won at the IOM TT (on a yamaha that wasnt as good as the legendary RC30) dispelling the mis information here that he needed the best bike to win Carl was the real deal and the titles and wins say more than any idiot on here that discredits him
Posted by stars and stripes

The tweets from Carl Fogarty have made for some interesting speculation.

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