The SMIDSY: How to Stay Visible on a Motorcycle [Video]

crash_course_the_smidsy“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.” Have you heard that phrase before? It usually comes right after the sound of screeching breaks. You know, right after you swerve onto the gravel to avoid being clipped by a careless driver. “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.” They roll down the window and wave, then drive off to narrowly avoid crashing into another motorcycle.

A few years ago, a pilot episdoe of a show called “Crash Course” was made as the first in a series of motorcycle safety videos. The series never came to fruition, but the episode SMIDSY still exists on Youtube.

The episode takes you through a few techniques to make sure that you stay visible, and shares a few bits of knowledge on why motorcycles can at times seem invisible. If you’re getting ready to take the bike out of the garage for the first time since winter, check out the SMIDSY from Crash Course. It’s worth a look.

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