A Sweet Smelling Lid

Written by LeahStunts, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Helmet03The summer’s heat has undoubtedly put the beats on your lid, leaving a filmy residue on your skin after a ride and another aromatic reminder when you go to pull it on the next day. Beyond smell, the buildup of sweat and dirt can actually lead to deterioration of the padding fabric, so hygiene is quite important! Cleaning is really something to consider when purchasing a helmet. Some helmets offer a complete removable liner, others partial removable pads. If you’re thinking about your helmet as a long term investment I recommend a fully removable liner for proper maintenance over the helmets life span.

If you have removable pads you can take them out and throw them in a gentle wash cycle then hang dry –simple! If your helmet does not have removable pads pick up a product that removes bacteria and mildew. Insure the product is safe for skin, especially delicate skin like your cheeks. There are products specifically for cleaning your helmet pads, check them out next time you’re in the motorcycle store. Another important place to clean is your vents. While you may not give those internal passageways too much thought, nasty not-fresh debris can build up in them and get directly passed into your airflow as you ride. When all the pads are out of your grab a can compressed air and a few Q-tips and go to town!

To clean the exterior of your glossy helmet, use automobile cleaning and shining products. You can even buff scratches out with auto compounds. If you have a matte finished helmet it’s very important you resort to warm water, stay away from chemicals! Shields are also best washed with warm water and a cloth, chemicals can create a dangerous haze or distortion.

So there you have it, don’t be the stinky helmet on the road, take care of your safety mechanism and stay fresh when you’re out for a spin.