The Guts and Glory Rally; 9000 Miles for Charity

guts_and_glory1000 motorcycles. 48 states. 9,000 + miles. 11 Days. 1 winner. The Guts and Glory Motorcycle Rally takes riders from Los Angeles to Bar Harbor Maine in an effort to raise money for Shriner Hospitals for Children and three Veteran Charities.

If you have 11 days, an iron butt, and a love for motorcycles, you’ll be right at home on the Guts and Glory Motorcycle Rally. The inaugural event will kick off on May 17th, 2011, in Los Angeles, and will end 11 days later in Bar Harbor, Maine, over Memorial Day weekend.

The Guts and Glory Motorcycle Rally is a timed rally with a grand prize of $100,000. But the grand prize is just junk change compared to the G&G rally’s goal of raising $10,000,000 for charity.

“It’s feztastic for the Guts & Glory Rally to be sharing the proceeds of this 9000 mile (+) ride with the ‘worlds greatest philanthropy’ as Shriner’s continue the monumental job of giving a better life and future to our kids,” said George Mitchell, the Imperial Potentate of the Shriners International. “The lengthy and prestigious history of providing specialized care for almost a million children in need has been the Shrine focus for the past 88 years. It is my hope this event will reflect on all Shriner’s past success.”

Participating riders will each start out with 11,000 points. They will then complete each leg of the journey (there are 11 checkpoints) trying to hit a target time established by an independent timing company. For each minute they arrive over or under the set target time, they will lose one point. The rider that reaches Bar Harbor at the end of the Rally with the most points, will receive a $100,000 and a hand-crafted Dave Perewitz custom motorcycle.

That’s some pretty sweet incentive. But riders will also be earning money for charity. The Ride a Mile program lets companies donate per collective mile. So every mile you ride, the more money you earn for Shriner Children’s Hopsitals. Riders can also participate in one leg of the journey, if 11 days and 9000 miles is a little too much.

“It is an amazing privilege to work with the Shriners, and our Veterans, on what we all know will be the Ride of 2011,” said Guts & Glory Motorsports president, Robert Swope. “We are excited about making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and veteran hero’s… two things very close to the hearts of all of us creating the Guts & Glory.”

You can read more about the Guts and Glory Motorcycle Rally here.

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