Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Torque Jackets

The EXOwear Men’s Torque Jackets from Scorpion is a light weight option for the rider who wants a waterproof all-season textile jacket.  The outer layer of the Torque Jacket consist of a 600 denier Nylon shell, coated with polyurethane for waterproof protection.  This Men’s Scorpion Jacket has two distinctive interior liners that make it ideal for all-season riding.  The first of these liners is a removable full-sleeve EverHeat™ thermal liner vest, designed to keep the rider warm when riding in colder weather conditions.  In the heat of summer, the thermal liner can be removed to uncover a built-in mesh liner.  With the help of two zippered vents on the front and two more on the back, the interior mesh liner keeps a cool flow of fresh air coming through the jacket.  The Scorpion EXOwear Torque Jacket makes for a comfortable ride, no matter what the weather is like outside.
To keep the elbows and shoulders safe in the event of a crash, the Torque Jacket has CE approved armor protecting these areas.  For back protection it has a special compartment where P.E. approved padding can be inserted.  Another safety feature of the Torque Jacket is the  NightViz™ reflective trim on back, designed to make sure the rider is highly visible day or night.  For storage the Torque Jacket has two exterior pockets, which double as hand warmers, along with one pocket on the inside of the jacket.  To assure every rider gets a secure fit, the Torque Jacket has adjustable straps around the waist, wrist, and both arms.  It also features a mandarin style collar for look and comfort.  For convenience, the Torque Jacket has a belt loop for attaching your favorite pair of riding pants.  Check out the Scorpion  EXOwear Torque Men’s Textile Jacket and other men’s textile jackets on our website:!

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Scorpion Hellion Men’s Textile Jacket Review

The Scorpion Hellion Men’s Textile Jacket is a stylish option for the rider who is looking for a durable all-season riding jacket.  The outershell is constructed of tough 750 denier Nylon for water protection.  A waterproof, seam-sealed, non-removable membrane also exists underneath the exterior shell for added protection against rain.  This jacket is truly 100% waterproof.  A non-removable fully-sleeved thermal liner is also included inside the  Hellion Men’s Textile Jacket, making it suitable for cold weather riding.  When the weather heats up there are four waterproof zippered vents on the front and rear of the jacket designed to maximize airflow through the jacket.  There is also a thin perforated nylon liner inside the Hellion Textile Jacket to further facilitate airflow, making for cool and comfortable rides on hot summer days.
To keep the critical areas of the torso safe from impact, the Hellion Textile Jacket has CE approved Exo-Tec ventilated armor on the elbows and shoulders.  There is also a back compartment for P.E. approved back padding.  To improve overall safety, the Hellion Jacket has reflective trimming on the arms and back for nighttime visibility.  Two hand warmers, along with two interior pockets are included on the Hellion Jacket for storage.  For a secure fit, stretch panels exist on the shoulders and back.  If you have a pair of riding pants, they can be easily attached to the Hellion Jacket via a belt loop at the bottom of the jacket.   The Scorpion Hellion Men’s Textile Jacket’s tough waterproof outershell, thermal liner, and adjustable air vents make it the ideal choice for touring riders and everyday commuters.  Check out the Scorpion Hellion Men’s Textile Jacket and other men’s textile jackets on our website:!

Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket Review

The Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket is a great choice for the rider who needs a durable all-season leather riding jacket.  Its combination of perforated leather and removable  thermal liner make this jacket suitable for any ride, no matter the temperature.  The Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket comes in three styling options: phantom black, phantom white, and white with black graphics.
The EXOwear Eternity Jacket is constructed with durable 1.2-1.4mm top grain leather.  This leather is perforated to allow a gentle breeze to come through the jacket on hot summer days.  The Eternity Jacket comes standard with a removable EverHeat™ fully-sleeved thermal liner.  This liner can be inserted to keep the rider warm when riding in colder weather.  Vented Exo-Tec CE™ approved armor at elbows and shoulders keep the rider’s impact areas protected in the event of a wipe-out.  This vented armor also doubles as source of airflow to the arms and shoulders.    A back compartment with P.E. approved padding is also included on the rear of the  EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket.
To improve comfort and fit, the Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket includes Kevlar stretch panels around the sleeves, sides, back, and elbows.  For convenience the Eternity Jacket  has 2 handwarmer pockets on the outside, as well as 2 inner pockets to secure personal items.  There is also a belt loop for attaching riding pants.  For safety, NightViz™ reflective trim on back makes sure the rider is visible at all times of the day.  Check the Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Eternity Jacket and other men’s leather motorcycle jackets on our website:!

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Scorpion Men’s EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket Review

Scorpion is ready to roll out their new 2013 lineup of EXOWear apparel.  Included in this collection is the new and improved Scorpion Men’s EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket.  The Commander 2 builds on the reputation of the original Commander Jacket, which was known for being a durable, all-season, 3/4 length touring jacket.
The exterior of the EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket is constructed of a sturdy  600 denier poly frame. For cold weather riding, the Commander 2 also has a removable thermal liner, there is also a waterproof liner to protect against inclement weather.  When the temperature heats up, both liners can be removed to reveal a lightweight perforated liner.  This liner is designed to keep a cool, continuous stream of air flowing through the jacket.  Waterproof zippered intake vents on the chest and sleeves, along with rear exhaust vents aid in maximizing air flow through the jacket.  The EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket can truly be worn all year around.  To keep the rider protected, the EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket has Sas-Tec CE® approved removable armor at the elbows and shoulders.  A pocket also exists on the back of the jacket which contains PE approved foam padding.
To assure a safe ride day or night, the Commander 2 Jacket uses a generous amount of reflective trim on the front, rear, and sleeves.  For a secure fit the Commander 2 Jacket has dual adjustable straps around the waist arm.  A comfortable collar trim with front relief panel is also included for all day riding comfort.  The EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket has an abundance of storage areas, these include 6 E-Z access storage pockets on the outside and 3 on the interior of the jacket.  A fanny pack has been placed on the rear for added storage.  The Scorpion Men’s EXOWear Commander 2 Jacket is a great choice for the touring rider and everyday commuters.  Take a look at the Scorpion Men’s EXOWear Commander 2 Jackets and other men’s textile jackets on our website:!

Scorpion Men’s EXOwear EXO-Barrier Jacket & Pants Review

When the weather turns bad, you need gear that’s going to keep you safe and dry.  The Scorpion Men’s EXOwear EXO-Barrier Jacket and Pant set is quality rain gear, with built in features for safety and convenience.  Wearing the EXOwear EXO-Barrier Jacket and Pants will allow you to focus less on the weather and more on the road when riding inclement weather.

The Scorpion EXO-Barrier Jacket is constructed of a durable, polyurethane-coated nylon waterproof shell.  For superior waterproof protection, the seams on the EXO-Barrier Jacket  are sealed with thermo bonded tape to keep rain out.  To help with air flow, the EXO-Barrier Jacket also has a  built in, lightweight mesh liner.  For safety, the EXO-Barrier Jacket comes in two hi-vis color options.    These options include black with NightViz reflective trimming, and hi-vis neon.  When the EXO-Barrier Jacket is no longer needed, its entire contents can be stored in self contained pouch for compact storage.



Like the jacket,  Scorpion EXO-Barrier pants are made up of a nylon waterproof shell. They’ve also been seam-sealed with thermo-bondo tape for additional water resistance.  A lightweight liner is also included in the pants to facilitate airflow to the lower body.  For a secure fit, the EXO-Barrier Pants have a durable YKK zipper,  gusset, and a two-snap closure.  A thigh length zipper is also included on the pants to make them easy to put on/ take off.  Unlike the jacket, EXO-Barrier pants only come in one color option, black with NightViz reflective trimming.  The pants also can be folded into their own convenient, self-contained pocket.  With their superior waterproof protection, the Scorpion Men’s EXOwear EXO-Barrier Jackets and Pants are the perfect choice for touring and everyday riders.  Sold separately, check out the EXO-Barrier Jacket and EXO-Barrier Pants as well as other premium motorcycle rain gear on our website:!