Filippo Barbacane Presents Moto Guzzi TTre Rossopuro

Filippo Barbacane's Moto Guzzi TTre RossoPuro Filippo Barbacane was last heard from late last year when he gave the world the Moto Guzzi Diamante – a well-done (some said ‘overdone’) custom based on the Moto Guzzi 8V. The Diamante caused some serious polarization as some loved the look and others thought it something off of a sci-fi movie set.

Italian designer Barbacane’s latest creation takes a trip backwards in time some 30 years to the Moto Guzzi SP 1000. He calls it the TTre Rossopuro – “pure red” in Italian – and it retains the vintage look of the SP but alters the configuration significantly into that of a café racer.

The original SP 1000 runs a longitudinally mounted air-cooled 90° V-twin displacing 948.8cc, a five-speed transmission and shaft-drive transferring power to the rear wheel. It was also one of the last to leave the Guzzi factory with the renowned Tonti frame. The TTre Rossopuro gets its name from both the old Guzzi T3 nomenclature and the Isle of Man TT, both of which inspired Barbacane when he was building his creation. Filippo Barbacane's Moto Guzzi Diamante

Barbacane has taken much of the extraneous plastic and bodywork off the SP, added a 45mm Marzocchi fork, Asatek rear springs and a 45mm adjustable handlebar, which provides the upright riding position of a café bike.

The TTre rides on 17 inch wheels with tubeless tires and stops by way of Brembo Serie Oro calipers biting down on twin 320mm rotors out front and a smaller unit in back. The exhaust keeps up the retro look by using a cone-shaped unit from Megaton.

Is this an inspiration for other Moto Guzzi acolytes? Time will tell. But, Felippo Barbacane has displayed his own interpretation of the SP 1000 and it is the TTre Rossopuro.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of