River Road Moto Leather Chaps Review


So the weather’s changing and you need some motorcycle chaps. It can be a hassle finding the right pair so let me make it easy on you. The River Road Moto Leather Chaps are a basic pair of leather motorcycle chaps that have no frills, just like you want.


They’ve been constructed of a durable, imported leather to give you abrasion resistance in case you happen to go down and they’re super flexible while in the saddle, due to the power stretch panels on the inner thighs. To make sure they fit you just right there’s also an adjustable belt. And so you can easily slide them on & off, the River Road Moto Leather Chaps have full length zippers down the sides plus snaps at the bottom, along with a mesh lining, which hits just below the knee, that won’t cling to your jeans. And we know you’ve got your cell phone with you, so there are two cargo pockets to stash your stuff while out riding.


These leather motorcycle chaps by River Road are just one of many that we carry for you. If these aren’t what you want,  then visit us at CompAcc.com to check out all the motorcycle gear available.


River Road Plains Womens Leather Vest & Chaps Review


Ladies we know you can never have enough leather in your closet. So to add to your womens motorcycle gear collection let us introduce you to the River Road Plains Womens Leather Vest and the River Road Plains Womens Leather Chaps. A matching set so you can be as stylish as we know you are while on your bike.




With it’s simply stated classic design the River Road Plains Womens Leather Vest gives you a sleek look that allows you to customize it with all your favorite patches & pins. This high quality ladies leather vest laces up the sides so it will fit you just right and has a couple of pockets to stash your cell phone. Throw it on when it’s too warm for a leather jacket or over that same leather so you can still sport your patches.




And we know you have to have the matching ladies leather chaps, so order up the River Road Plains Womens Leather Chaps too. Made with full grain, imported black leather, once again in that classic design you like, with full length zippers & snaps at the bottom to make them easy to slide on/off, they also have an adjustable waist to fit you perfectly.



Check these and other great River Road products out at Compacc.com and while you’re there, if you’re feeling generous, pick up the matching River Road Plains Leather Vest and the River Road Plains Leather Chaps for your man!


River Road Perforated Leather Gloves Review – Mesa, Tuscon, Sturgis & Monterey


Are you one of those guys who likes to wear gloves no matter what the weather? Well I’m going to introduce you to four perforated leather motorcycle gloves that are perfect for those warmer days of riding. The River Road Mesa Perforated Leather Gloves, the River Road Tucson Leather Gloves, the River Road Sturgis Leather Gloves and the River Road Monterey Leather Gloves. The best part is that three of these motorcycle gloves have the added bonus of gel padding which is great for nerve & vibration protection, plus they give you a better grip and help reduce fatigue.



The first glove we’re going to take a look at is the River Road Mesa Perforated Leather Glove. Constructed of durable leather that is fully perforated across the back, they have a simple design with an elastic wrist, along with a velcro strap closure, to give you a secure fit.







But if you want to get that added comfort and protection of the gel pad then take a gander at the River Road Tucson Leather Gloves. Just like the Mesa, these motorcycle gloves are made of genuine black leather, with a completely perforated back, but have been equipped with the gel padding in the palm area to ease the stress on your hands.






The River Road Sturgis Leather Gloves are essentially the same as the Tucson, with the perforated leather back, the velcro wrist strap and the comfort gel palm padding, but they have a distinctively different overall style. Most noticeable are the large round knuckle vents that allow for maximum air flow on those really warm day. So with this choice you get protection, comfort and additional venting to make your hands super appreciative!





Last but not least we have a glove that embodies all the features of the previous three leather motorcycle gloves but instead of knuckle vents the River Road Monterey Leather Gloves have padded knuckles for those of you who would like more of that leather abrasion resistance. With these four options you should have no problem finding a lightweight, perforated glove that fits your style.



River Road Durango Pants Review


If you like to wear jeans but are looking for a something a little more protective then check out the River Road Durango Pants. Created for three season weather, these textile pants will keep you dry and comfy while on your journey.



Designed just like your everyday jeans, these motorcycle pants are constructed of a durable textile material with a wind & water resistant liner to give you that versatility you’re searching for. The River Road Durango Pants are also equipped with side snaps and leg zippers to make them easy and quick to put on and take off.




River Road has a lot of options when it comes to motorcycle gear so check it all out at CompAcc.com today.


River Road Bike Packs, Sissybar Bags & Travel Cases Review

Do you have a fun motorcycle trip coming up soon? Well make sure you’re prepared to go by throwing one of these on your bike…the River Road Bike Pack, the River Road Sissy Bar Bag or the River Road Travel Case. They are all great motorcycle luggage pieces in a a variety of sizes and designs.

Ready for the rough ride ahead, these bags are all made of a tough synthetic fabric that has UV protection built in and have that great classic look & feel of your favorite leather bags.

Both the River Road Bike Pack and the River Road Sissybar Bag have reinforced walls to help keep their shape and adjustable mounting harnesses for simple installation. With their box styled lids, velcro closures and extra long flaps they will keep all your motorcycle gear inside nice and secure. And so you can get into them easily, they have quick release buckles, that are secretly tucked away under cool chrome hardware.

The Bike Pack is slightly larger than the Sissy Bar Bag and has a few exterior pockets for extra storage, while the River Road Travel Case has been created to strap atop the Bike Pack for even more room to stash your stuff. With a convenient shoulder strap and bonus pockets on each end, this is a great piece of motorcycle luggage to add to your collection.

To protect them all from the elements, a waterproof cover has been included to give you extra security for these motorcycle bags. Depending on which bag you pick, the Classic black look, the cool Studded style and the subtle Braided design are available, so you can choose which fits your personality.