Marco Simoncelli (20 January 1987 – 23 October 2011)

The 24-year-old, MotoGP star Marco Simoncelli- nicknamed as Supersic was killed in a crash at the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday. Supersic lost control of his Honda on the second lap of the circuit in Sepang and was hit by Colin Edwards and then Rossi as he slid across the track. Officials raced him to a nearby hospital and he was given CPR for 45 minutes, but unfortunately declared dead at 16:15 local time.

Strong on the tracks, and Genuinely sweet in Normal life, Simoncelli will always be remembered by the MotoGP world for his will to keep pushing forward. Everyone in the MotoGP family mourns Simoncelli’s death, as they are just as upset with this tragic event as Sic’s family and friends.

Born in Cattolica, Italy on January 20, 1987 Sic won his first minimoto Championship in 1996. In his rookie year he won the 125cc Championship in 2001 and raced in 125cc for few more years where he won his first Grand Prix along the way. He moved to 250cc in 2005 and finished the season in 10th overall with a sixth place finish at the Chinese Grand Prix. Marco won his first 250cc race at the Italian GP in 2008, also winning his first 250cc world championship in October of 2008. He moves up to MotoGP in 2010 where he finishes 8th place in the championship and fifth in the 2011. Since the age of 9, Sic lived to race and dedicated his entire life to the sport he loved.

Simoncelli was the kind of rider who leaves an impression on the track, in his personal life, and on his fans. He rode hard, fast, and with passion to get first to the finish line. He was fun to watch and his drive to be at the top made him one of the best MotoGP riders and a strong contender as the MotoGP Champion. “A special, honest, and pure son” lost his life today for the sport he was born to dedicate his life to.

Humble, down-to-earth, ambitious, good hearted, and a great human being are some of the few good words that describe what Super Sic was as a human being. There is an empty space now that all the riders, his family, and friends feel as his was a talent that is not easy to­ replicate, in fact there may never be another #58 like you­ Marco.

Millions of fans cried and it was a sad day for MotoGP to lose one of the finest riders with a bright future. A true fan dedicated a poem for Marco:

There is a new star that shines, in the heavens­ tonight.
That of a charismatic young man, who loved to­ ride motorbikes.

Marco and 58 was his name and his­ number,
But it was his smile, and his hair, and the­ racing I’ll remember.

He was fast…very fast… and­ he knew how to race,
I remember the joy of last week’s­ podium place.

You have given so much, but there was­ much more to come,
I knew in time, you would be the­ world’s number 1.

But alas, it was “not meant to be”
I­ don’t know why – all reasons escape me!

October the­ 23rd was not the day,
For the bike to slide, you to­ save it, and to get away.

An “un-imaginable accident”­ in this racing game,
For everyone involved there is “No­ Blame”.

Our hopes, prayers, and wishes, were finally­ dashed,
With the tragic news, that your life had­ passed.

Your brothers and sisters of the track, are­ devastated at best,
For they know much too soon, that­ you will be laid to rest.

I have no words for your­ family, and those who hold you, so dear,
I just wished­ to god, that you were still here!

To all your fans­ across the world, I would say this,
“Remember that­ Smile”, I think it is what you would wish.

But…­ there is a new star that shines, in the heavens­ tonight,
You know the one… it is shining so­ bright!

As you lit up our world,
You now light the­ night sky.

Marco Simoncelli, Ciao, and Goodbye.

Rest­ in Peace.

-Alan Waugh


Competition Accessories want to give our condolences to Marco Simoncelli as he will be dearly missed and always remembered for all of his dedication to the MotoGP world. Passionate Rider and Good human being is what defines Simoncelli and he will always be in our hearts and prayers.