Safety Review Completed at Isle of Man; More Recticel Fences to Be Installed

recticel_fencing_at_the_isle_of_manA safety review of the Isle of Man’s mountain course has been completed, and more recticel fencing will be installed before the 2011 Isle of Man TT.

The recticel fencing will replace approximately 2000 of the straw bales currently in use at the Isle of Man.

The safety review, which included consultation with experienced riders and teams, will also rework the positioning of the barriers. Most riders agreed that with the advancement of machinery, it was important to reassess the safety regulations.

“We can effectively amortise the cost of this fencing and safety equipment over a number of years,” said Hon Allan Bell, of the Department of Economic Development. “It represents real value for money and a long-term solution as well as being more effective than using straw bales, which have to be replaced at considerable cost at the end of every year. This latest investment will further professionalise the circuit as well as providing additional safety to competitors.”

The recticel fencing will be used during the Isle of Man TT, as wall as the Manx Grand Prix.

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