Shift Rider Rafal Pasierbek: A Gymnast on Wheels

Stunter20131Videos showing motorcycle stunters are so prolific on the Internet that I have become almost numb to them. However, the folks at Shift Racing sent AllAboutBikes a video of a stunt rider that is pretty dang amazing. The stunter is Rafal Pasierbek of Poland and the guy is more like a motorized gymnast than a typical stunt rider. Pasierbek, who goes by the moniker “Stunter 13” will keep you interested with his frenetic and athletic maneuvering.

If you Google Rafal Pasierbek, most of what you will find is in Polish. But my search revealed that he is so respected that stunt riders from around the world travel to Poland to train with him. French stunter Julien Welsch (who also has a video on our site) makes the trek across Europe to train with Pasierbek and says that he is one of the hardest workers in the sport. Visit the Shift website and see what you think:

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