Goldfren Brake Pads Now in the US

Goldfren is a new name in the US, but they have been in Europe forever.  If you are looking for a great pair of brakes at a good price, then you need to check these out.

GOLDfren is a world-class brand of aftermarket performance disc brakes. Sintered brake pads, rotors, adapters, calipers, brake lines for motorcycle. Also ATV, MTB, small aircrafts, automotive and industrial lifting cranes.

The GOLDfren brand was founded by Product Spacek which commenced operations back in 1991 by manufacturing sintered disc Goldfren brake pads for both street and off-road motorcycles. Our product range has successfully expanded from motorcycle sintered brake pads to incorporate aftermarket products for other sectors such as ATV, MTB, small aircrafts, cars, lifting cranes and others. The past 20 years for GOLDfren Brakes can be described as a steady up-trend of product development, evolution and growth in every aspect of their operations as a result of a continuous heavy investment in R&D.  Today GOLDfren brakes have become one of the largest aftermarket suppliers to world markets in the product sector of Motorcycle brake pads.

The GOLDfren manufacturing facility is located in the Europe, Czech Republic which is world renowned for its engineering excellence. Our products are tested and certified by The German Testing Institute TÜV guaranteeing highest safety and quality standards.

Goldfren strives to offer our customers the perfect combination of world leading technology, superior quality and the most competitive cost allowing our customers and end-consumers to enjoy the quality and value that they deserve.

So give them a try, we are sure you will like what you get…  Pads start at just $21.90, so you can really save some cash..

( more models coming daily, so check back often of give us a call at 1-800-543-8208 if you do not see your application )