Pierre Terblanche, Lightning Strikes Many Times

MGv12The odds of lightning striking the same place more than once is very high. Pierre Terblanche, is a designer who has contributed to tailoring several highly stylistic motorcycles. Lightning has struck more than one time in Pierre Terblanche’s career. Having been a major contributor to the design for the Moto Guzzi V12 Concept Pierre show that a highly tailored motorcycle can be brought to a production line.

In a press release related to this motorcycle Miguel Galluzzi commented “Throughout its history, Moto Guzzi has put forward a unique concept of motorcycle. Everything started with an idea, and new ideas have always been the lifeblood of the “Italian eagle”. “

Another motorcycle Pierre has touched that has reached iconic status is the Ducati MH900e. This stylish machine has gained aDucati large following and dedicated sites such as, http://www.mh900e.org, where owners of the MH900e gather to discuss their motorcycles. Norton Motorcycles is now hopping for the lightning strike, Pierre Terblanche has signed on with this iconic brand.

Stuart Garner, CEO of Norton says “Pierre’s experience of bringing innovative new products to the marketplace will be a vital factor in developing the Norton range, whilst paying due respect to its’ traditions. Combining his flair for original concepts with Norton’s sporting traditions, will allow us to create a range of motorcycles bearing the historic Norton badge that will be unlike anything else in the marketplace.” The design legacy of Pierre Terblanche continues, we look forward to his future motorcycle designs.

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Was Ducati, Now is Norton USA CEO – Dan Van Epps

Norton Motorcycles UK logo Former Ducati North America (DNA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dan Van Epps has now been appointed to the CEO position of Norton Motorcycles USA. Van Epps has been given the enviable duty of introducing the US market to the new models coming from the recently revived classic motorcycle marque. With company owner and serious aficionado Stuart Garner’s desire to tackle the all-important American market, he has chosen someone who is more than capable of leading Norton into the parking spaces and garages of riders throughout the US.

Norton has been selling their new 961 Commando for almost two years now and the orders for the hand-built historically-inspired bikes have exceeded even their wildest expectations. Thus the company has had to increase production far earlier than planned – a very positive sign. Now the US market is ready for the Commando to cross the ocean and Van Epps will be preparing all of their American operations for its arrival. Norton 961 Commando Cafe Racer in Silver

Van Epps has extensive knowledge and experience with the powered two-wheel market and even served as Ducati’s Senior Manager of Product Development in Italy after moving up from his DNA position. He is well-versed in the difficulties of promoting a boutique motorcycle company’s products and selling them on rather thin margins. His job will require building on the excitement of the Norton marque’s mystique and convincing potential customers of the quality and uniqueness of the new line of Norton motorcycles.

One suggestion for you Mr. Van Epps, demo rides! Once someone takes any of the various iterations of the Norton 961 Commando on the road, the deal will be done.

Norton is scheduled to return to the US in May 2011.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Norton Motorcycles Returns to the USA

Norton Motorcycles UK logo To call Norton Motorcycles an icon in motorcycling is similar to calling George Lucas an icon of science-fiction films – it’s a no brainer and anyone who knows anything about either industry will know the name and much of the story. Norton was on its way back to production when Kenny Dreer, legendary Norton fabricator and tuner, set up his operation in Oregon during the late 1990s.

However, things did not go as planned and the rights, designs and the Norton name were all sold to UK businessman Stuart Garner and it was moved back to its spiritual home in England. For just about two years now, the new Norton has been producing the 961 Commando and selling them to the select group of people who put their deposits down early. Now the company is preparing to bring the celebrated marque back to the US market.

The first step they announced after receiving federal government approval for the 961 Commando to roam the US roads was the hiring of former Ducati Senior Manager of Product Development Dan Van Epps as Norton Motorcycles USA CEO. Van Epps will have the duty of bringing Norton back to the frontal lobes of American riders. Norton 961 Commando Collection With the 961 Commando line of bikes, he really will not have to work too hard. After all, the UK is buying them up as fast as they are made and Norton has already had to ramp-up production just to keep pace.

Arriving in the US in May of 2011 will be the standard 961 Commando Sport, the 961 Commando Café Racer and the 961 Commando SE – all of which are powered by a 961cc fuel-injected, counter-balanced parallel-twin engine. All bikes also host numerous high-spec components including Ohlins suspension and Brembo braking workings. Given early riding reports, all Norton will have to do to put the marque back in the thick of the market is to give potential customers a ride on one…and it will sell.

US customers, get your bank accounts in shape and be ready to bring home the modern version of the indomitable Norton motorcycle – the 961 Commando.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Norton Motorcycles to Race MotoGP

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com


In an effort to expand its grid size, the MotoGP is planning to change the rules and allow 1000cc engines to race in 2012. When this happens, the grid could have its first new entrant from Norton Motorcycles.

Most people don’t think of the Iconic Norton brand when they think of motorcycle racing, but Norton has a long history of success on the track, even if most of it came during the 1950’s. Norton has not raced competitvely for the past decade, but reportedly, Norton has reserved two spots on the 2012 MotoGP grid. Norton is currently developing the NRV 700 race bike, which will be the bigger brother of the the NRV 588.

Stuart Garner bought the rights to Norton in 2008, and since then the British brand has been back and producing motorcycles. A spot in the MotoGP will be an ambitious move for Norton, but it will also benefit the MotoGP by bringing a British Manufacturer to the paddock.

Norton is expected to race under the ‘Claiming Rule Team’ instead of the Factory team, which will allow Norton more fuel and engines for the season.