Confederate Unveils New Hellcat Motorcycle

hellcatConfederate Motorcycles has finally achieved perfection. According to its founds and CEO, H. Matthew Chambers, the third generation Hellcat is the motorcycle that the company was born to build.

“This is the motorcycle we were conceived to execute when I founded the company 21 years ago,” Chambers said. “I have every confidence that we have delivered all we ever dreamed of giving.”

Confederate, a company that specializes in handcrafted motorcycles, unveiled its third generation Hellcat this weekend. The new X132 Hellcat gets its distinctive drag race style from previous generations and its name from the F6F Hellcat fighter plane of World War II.

And the name isn’t the only thing that the Hellcat borrows from the air force. The X132’s billet aluminum case is made from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.

“This new case unites America’s best V-twin technology and America’s superior power-train technology into a singularity,” Chambers said. “Although this is the most expensive material selection and craft methodology, it is simply the best approach for maximizing strength and guaranteeing permanence.”

Confederate’s lead designer, Edward Jacobs, added: “We’ve always dreamed of designing the core of the machine. For the first time in our 21 year history, we’ve been able to do that with the unitized case of this new Hellcat. The result is the first pure and undiluted Confederate.”

40 Hellcats have already been pre-sold and the company is set to begin production in January. Confederate plans on pumping out two X132 Hellcats per week at a price of $45,000.

If you want to get in line for the new Hellcat, you can place an order here.