Like to Ride Fast? Would You Pay for the Privilege?

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

Would you pay a fee to ride 90 mph legally?  A candidate for governor in Nevada has proposed a 24 hour pass to exceed the posted speed limit on certain Nevada highways.  Eugene “Gino” DiSimone, a non-partisan candidate, says that his plan could raise $1 billion a year for the state.   His calculation is based on 10% of the state’s drivers purchasing passes on any given day.

So what are the details?  First, vehicles would have to pass an initial safety inspection. Then vehicle information would be loaded into a state database, and motorists would purchase a transponder.  After jumping through the hoops, $25 charged to a credit card would result in a 24 hour ticket to speed.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a transponder on my bike.  I also don’t really want any Tom, Dick or Harry with $25 to hit me as he speeds away from his losses on the poker table.

I am more in favor of a stratified license by which better and more experienced drivers and riders are allowed a higher speed limit every day.  So AAB readers…what do you think about “Gino’s” plan?