Mv Agusta Creates a Triple to Carry the Crown

mvagusta-f3-2011-2012As Mv Agusta rolls out the last of F4’s a new stallion is created to carry the crown. The new MV Agusta F3 will be built around a triple; the heart of this new supersport machine will be an open challenge to the Triumph Daytona which is also a triple. The engine will have an advanced feature not often seen in a motorcycle of this size, a counter – rotating crankshaft. The counter – rotating crankshaft should help make the motorcycle a more neutral handling machine.

mvagusta-f4-2011-2012The MV Agusta F3 will house the 675cc power plant with an advanced frame design with lineage that can be traced to the MV Agusta F4. The styling of the F3 is similar to the classic F4, which is said to be one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever designed. The electronics package on this motorcycle is also setting a new level for a motorcycle in the supersport class.

With features such as is Ride By Wire and multiple engine maps to select from this motorcycle is built for performance. The traction control system is tightly integrated with the engine management system to provide a complete package that will make any rider feel they are riding a Moto2 class motorcycle. The MV Agusta F3 has some big shoes to fill, as the new motorcycle will take the reins for the outgoing F4.

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