Tourmaster Select Luggage Visor Bag Review

It’s always nice to have a place to stash an extra shield and the Tourmaster Select Luggage Visor Bag is a great choice to add to your motorcycle luggage gear collection.

select-visor-bagConstructed of a 600 denier Carbolex® outer shell with a 300 denier Carbolex® inner shell and a soft lining of brushed fleece you can rest assured your extra visor will stay clean and be safe from scratches. This Tourmaster luggage piece will fit almost any motorcycle shield, so grab one today so you can keep them safe on your shelf at home or protected while on your next road trip.


River Road Bike Packs, Sissybar Bags & Travel Cases Review

Do you have a fun motorcycle trip coming up soon? Well make sure you’re prepared to go by throwing one of these on your bike…the River Road Bike Pack, the River Road Sissy Bar Bag or the River Road Travel Case. They are all great motorcycle luggage pieces in a a variety of sizes and designs.

Ready for the rough ride ahead, these bags are all made of a tough synthetic fabric that has UV protection built in and have that great classic look & feel of your favorite leather bags.

Both the River Road Bike Pack and the River Road Sissybar Bag have reinforced walls to help keep their shape and adjustable mounting harnesses for simple installation. With their box styled lids, velcro closures and extra long flaps they will keep all your motorcycle gear inside nice and secure. And so you can get into them easily, they have quick release buckles, that are secretly tucked away under cool chrome hardware.

The Bike Pack is slightly larger than the Sissy Bar Bag and has a few exterior pockets for extra storage, while the River Road Travel Case has been created to strap atop the Bike Pack for even more room to stash your stuff. With a convenient shoulder strap and bonus pockets on each end, this is a great piece of motorcycle luggage to add to your collection.

To protect them all from the elements, a waterproof cover has been included to give you extra security for these motorcycle bags. Depending on which bag you pick, the Classic black look, the cool Studded style and the subtle Braided design are available, so you can choose which fits your personality.

Tourmaster Select Saddlebags Review

Road Trip! It’s that time again and you can’t wait to get on your bike to head out! Do you have enough motorcycle luggage to hold all your stuff? If not the Tourmaster Select Saddle Bags can get the job done for you!



These saddlebags will strap down to almost any bike due to their adjustable mounting yoke and are constructed to stay tough during whatever adversity your adventure puts them through. Solid, heavy duty 1680 denier ballistic nylon and 600 Carbolex® give them a strong exterior while internal support panels provide shape retention so they keep your motorcycle gear protected.


 Not only does the construction of this bag keep your stuff safe, there’s a black rain/dust cover that will also help protect your clothes from getting wet or dirty. And to keep your paint safe from these saddlebags, a removable neoprene layer has been added as a buffer to keep the surface of your ride safe from scratches. Along with all of those safety features, there also has been Phoslite® reflective piping stitched in for extra nighttime visibility!


Don’t worry about enough space, as there are generously sized exterior pockets to stash stuff in, along with the large main compartment, which has double zippered tops to provide ease of entry. And for those longer rides or all those trinkets you pick up on the way, this motorcycle luggage has zippered expansion panels to accommodate your shopping habits!




These Tourmaster saddlebags should be great for your next motorcycling adventure and if you decide you need even more space or an extra piece of gear then be sure to look at the full line of Tourmaster Select Luggage which includes a Sissybar Bag, Tail Bag, Tank Bag, Visor Bag and Lid Pack…all available at


River Road Quantum Series Zip Off Saddlebag Review

It’s time for new motorcycle luggage and the Quantum Series from River Road is a great place to start. With a variety of sizes (Compact, Medium, Large & X-Large), two different styles (Slant & Box) and three design options (Classic, Braided & Studded) you’re sure to find a set that not only fits your lifestyle, but matches the personality of your bike.


River Road Compact Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Compact Zip Off Saddlebags


Constructed of a tough synthetic, UV resistant, material that looks & feels like leather, these motorcycle saddlebags will hold up to the journeys you take them on. To protect your bike where the bags sit against the paint, they have removable neoprene layers. With reinforced side walls and base they will retain their shape whether empty or filled to the top.


River Road Medium Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Medium Zip Off Saddlebags


With the Quick Release Straps that keep your bags securely attached to the bike and the Fast Zip Removal System which lets you attach/detach them quickly, they are simple to pull off the bike when you get to your destination. Or if you just need to get into them, the Quick Release Buckles, which are hidden behind the traditional chrome hardware, are a fast entry system.


River Road Large Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

River Road Large Windswept Zip Off Saddlebags


Added features on the Quantum Series assure that your stuff will stay protected. With custom fitted, removable, liner bags, they are simple to get packed. Once inside, they stay safe due to the extra long cross over flaps on the box styled lids and the waterproof cover which will keep your essentials away from all the elements.


River Road X-Large Slant Zip Off Saddlebags

As you can see all the motorcycle bags have convenient handles on the top so they are easy to carry around when you get to your destination and some styles have bonus space provided by outer pockets, which are great for those last minute things.

Here’s a few close-ups of some of the great features on all these River Road Saddlebags. Now you can decide which style, design and size is the best for you & your bike! Order now before your next adventure begins!





Tourmaster Select Luggage 14 Liter Tank Bag Review

If you’re like me and have no bags on your bike, then a motorcycle tank bag is a great option. I use mine almost every time I ride because most of the time I need to take stuff with me that won’t fit in my pockets! Well, this Tourmaster Select Luggage 14 Liter Tank Bag looks to be a great option if you’re in need of a bag to carry just a little stuff with you while riding. Or maybe you need a place to stash the stuff you need quick access to, like your cell phone, wallet, water bottle and GPS.
Simple to mount onto your bike, whether you go with the magnetic version or want to strap it down, they both have a neoprene bottom layer which will protect your paint and chrome from any damage. And with the reinforced handle it’s easy to detach and tote around with you when you get to your destination.


Constructed of tough, durable 600 denier Carbolex® with integrated side panels and piping made of reflective Phoslite®, this motorcycle tank bag will be able to withstand all types of abuse and will make you easy to see while riding at night. Plus there’s a rain/dust cover secretly stashed in a designated outer pocket just in case you do hit some rain.

Double zippers across the top of the bag give you a large opening to get your belongings in and out of the Tour Master Tank Bag. Located on the inside of the flap there are three large pockets and two additional slot pockets which are perfect for keeping a tire gauge and pen handy. The attached key fob is great for keeping track of your bike key, because you do not want to lose that thing and there’s a bonus of not one, but two, media port openings.

The outside of the bag also has two additional pockets to keep extra motorcycle gear and another bonus to this tank bag is the removable clear window map pocket that snaps/velcro’s on top so you have a clear view of your directions.

We know that this bag is perfect for taking a day trip and for extra storage on longer trips. And if you’re in the market for more luggage, be sure to check out the full line which is explained in the  Tourmaster Select Luggage Overview  and introduces you to the Saddlebags, a Sissybar Bag, a Tank Bag, a Visor Bag and a Lid Pack.