Grand Rapids Approves of Scaled Down Bike Week

Red_City_River_Bike_WeekRiver City Bike Week will kick off in Grand Rapids Michigan, but not exactly as planned. The 5-day event that was scheduled for mid-July was approved by the Grand Rapids City Council, but the council decided to scale it back a bit to make a bike weekend instead.

River City Bike Weekend will be held on July 22nd-24th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is expecting about 40,000 to 60,000 people to attend River City Bike Weekend, which will have all of the usual bike week events. Concerts, food, music, bike shows, contests, etc…

Grand Rapids Michigan is no stranger to motorcycle events. They hold the annual Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet, and the Motorcycle Hill Climb is held in nearby Muskegon. Muskegon will also be holding a motorcycle event the week before the Red City Bike Week. Muskegon Bike Time will be held on July 15th-17th.

A portion of the profits from River City Bike Week will be going to the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation.

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