Something New On the Horizon: AGV Horizon Absolute Helmet

The AGV Horizon Absolute Helmet is a brand new upgrade for the AGV Stealth SV helmet. The Horizon Absolute has a more narrow, streamlined chin guard, as well as several other upgraded features. The shell of the helmet is made with a carbonglass (fiberglass and carbon) construction; and is available in two different shell sizes. The Horizon Absolute has AGV’s IVS (Integrated Ventilation System). This system has channels formed directly on the outer shell that work in conjunction with a dynamic system of air vents and rear extractors to provide great overall airflow and circulation. A rear spoiler has also been added to the helmet, giving it an aggressive design that improves ventilation, aerodynamics, and stability. The interior of the helmet has been lined with a Dry-Lex sanitizing fabric, and has completely removable/washable padding. The face-shield of the Horizon Absolute is a GT2 clear visor, made from class 1, non-scratch & anti-fog polycarbonate, with 100% UV protection. The XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) allows for rapid visor removal/replacement without the use of tools. The AGV Horizon Absolute has been DOT & ECE22.05 certified. For more information on the AGV Horizon Absolute Helmet, AGV helmets, and other full face motorcycle helmets, check out our website:!

Rear View
Side View

Fly Racing Has the ‘Formula’ for Off Road Helmets

Fly Racing Formula Stryper ‘Blend’ Graphic

A great off-road helmet should have an equal balance of protection, performance, and killer graphics; and The Fly Racing Formula Helmet has all three! This high-end helmet does not disappoint, with a state-of-the-art Composite Construction Shell and Dual Density EPS liner, the Fly Formula Helmet is guaranteed to keep you protected; and meets/ exceeds some of the toughest safety standards on the market, including SNELL M2010 & DOT, ECE, and AS (Australian). For ventilation, the interior of the helmet has a Flow Through EPS and Comfort Liner Air System. This liner has been specially designed to provide maximum airflow; and is made with a washable, Dri-Lex comfort fabric. Also includuded in the ventilation system is the Multi-Port Air Induction Cooling System which consists of 11 intake vents, 4 exhaust vents, and an air vent plug for cold weather. Tri-Vent Goggle Anti-Fog Vents have also been placed at the top of the air port to help reduce fogging. An optional Carbon Fiber intake vent wing can also increase airflow if needed. If the safety features and extensive ventilation aren’t enough to win you over, than perhaps the Fly Formula’s eye-catching graphics are. The Fly Formula Stryper Helmet, and Fly Formula Clash Helmet are the two graphic options currently available. If you like your gear flashy, the Stryper graphic has a ‘Blend’ option that boasts neon colors and metallic accents. The Clash also has a unique combo of bright colorways with paired with Fly’s original artwork. Titanium hardware even further compliments the design of both graphic options. For convenience, the Fly Formula comes with a Premium Helmet bag and Extra Visor. For more information on the Fly Formula Helmet, Fly Racing Gear, and our wide selection of off-road helmets, check out our website:!

Fly Racing Formula MX Clash Graphic

Fly Tourist Helmet Review

Fly Racing Tourist Helmet (Solid)

The Fly Racing Tourist Helmet is, one of two, brand new helmet designs from Fly. The Tourist is an open face helmet with a convenient, removable jaw piece that can be attached to the helmet to take you from open face to full face in a snap. This feature is great for those moments when you want just a little extra protection. Also included is a one-piece breath-box/ chin curtain for use in cold or rainy weather. A dark tint shield is included with the helmet, as well as a removable visor peak. For storage, soft fleece bags come with the helmet to help you properly store, the helmet, peak, and dark shield. The Fly Tourist Helmet has a tool-less design that allows for quick and easy shield changes. The shell of the helmet is made from a lightweight DOT approved Thermoplastic alloy. Fly has given the Tourist helmet a large eye port for improved range of vision, as well as deluxe, oversize ear pockets for a better fit and comfort. Thinking of linking up your helmet with a communications device? The Fly Tourist’s integrated speaker pockets have been made to accommodate communications systems. The interior of the helmet has a removable/washable Coolmax comfort liner, and cheek pads. For maximum ventilation, there are two intake vents and four exhaust vents. The Fly Tourist Helmet has something for everyone. With its wide array of removable features, you could customize the helmet just the way you like it. The Tourist is available in several different graphics including the Fly Racing Tourist Vista helmet, and the Fly Racing Cirrus Helmet . For more information about the Fly Racing Tourist Helmet, Fly Racing gear, and other open face helmet options, check out our website:!

Fly Racing Tourist Cirrus Helmet
Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmet

Fly 357 Half Helmet Review

Fly 357 Half Helmet Solids

Fly Racing has just released an all-new shorty helmet design. The Fly 357 Half Helmet is a compact, half shell design, with some great convenience features. The shell of the Fly 357 Helmet is made from a thermo-plastic poly alloy shell; and is aerodynamic as well as DOT approved. For those sunny rides, this Fly helmet comes with a hard-coated tint sun shield, that can retract into the helmet when not in use. The sun shield can also be swapped out for an optional clear shield. The interior of the helmet has been lined with a removable, washable comfort liner. For those who like the simplistic protection of a shorty helmet, but still want a few extra features, the Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet is for you. The Fly 357 Helmet is available in solid colors, and in Fly’s ‘Flame’ graphic. You can check out the Fly 357 Helmet, Fly Racing gear, and other shorty motorcycle helmet options check out our website:!

Fly Racing 357 Helmet Flame Graphic

“What Type Of Helmet Should I Buy?” Helmet Guide

When it comes to purchasing a helmet, the amount of options can be somewhat intimidating. In today’s market there are so many helmet types, choices, and brands; that if you aren’t 100% sure about what you want, you could find yourself completely uncertain of which helmet would be right for you and your riding style. If this sounds like you, worry no further. In our latest video guides, Reuben has taken different types of helmets (Open Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Modular Helmets, Dual Sport Helmets, Shorty Helmets) and discussed their features, similarities, and differences. He also describes which helmet might suit a certain type of rider. We hope that after seeing these videos, you’ll have a better idea for which type of helmet would be perfect for you. To see more information about the helmets in these videos, or our wide selection of various other motorcycle helmet brands, check out our website:!