Speed & Strength Moto Mercenary Gear

The definition of ‘Mercenary’ is: “ A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army”, and with the all new Moto Mercenary gear from Speed & Strength, you’re sure to feel like a warrior thanks to this edgy apparel and tough graphic. The Moto Mercenary gear consists of two helmet models (SS300 & SS1100), Riding shoes, T-shirt, and an Armored hoody.


Speed & Strength SS300 Moto Mercenary Helmet


The SS300 is a shorty style helmet; built with Speed and Strength’s A.T.P.A. (Advanced Thermo-poly Alloy Shell). This helmet meets/exceeds DOT standards. There is a double D-ring chin strap which provides a secure closure, and an ear protector has been included for colder rides. A three snap shorty visor has also been included for a little extra sun protection. This helmet has been emblazoned with the formidable “Moto Mercenary” graphic; stars and devious, grinning skulls over a matte black base.

Speed & Strength SS1100 Moto Mercenary Helmet


The SS1100 is a full face helmet model, also made with an A.T.P.A. shell that is both lightweight and supplies increased impact resistance. The helmet meets/exceeds both DOT and ECE 22-05 standards. Helmets that have both certifications tend to offer an exceptional level of realistic protection. The interior of the SS1100 Moto Mercenary has been lined with ‘Cool-Core’ material; a removable, washable, moisture-wicking fabric that will help riders stay dry and comfortable. The SS1100 has an AirStrike Direct Course Ventilation System with adjustable, and strategically placed intake vents and integrated cooling channels in the EPS liner, and provides maximum airflow through the helmet. The helmet also has a Lock N’ Load shield replacement system, which is a quick release lever that allows for quick and easy, tool-less shield changes. The faceshield has been made with Speed & Strength’s ‘All Clear Sight System’ which is optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV resistant. This system allows for both clear vision and eye protection. For security, there is a Speed Strap Quick Release Chin Strap for a fast and convenient way to securely fasten and unfasten the chin strap.

Side View


Speed & Strength Moto mercenary T-Shirt


For casual wear, Speed & Strength has added the Moto Mercenary T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this short sleeve shirt is perfect for any casual occasion. It’s comfortable fit and stylish, flat screen logos, make this t-shirt look and feel great.

Front View
Back View










Speed & Strength Moto mercenary Shoes


The Moto Mercenary Riding Shoes have been made to look like a casual sneaker; and while these shoes have been given the same amount of comfort as your favorite sneaks, they also have some premium protective features. Made with perforated leather and suede upper, the perforation will allow for air circulation. Engineered external PU protectors, and molded internal toe & ankle reinforcements will keep you covered in the event of an accident. Some other convenience features include: an anti-slip rubber sole that will allow for excellent grip; and an undercover lacing system, to keep your laces tucked and out of the way.


Speed & Strength Moto Mercenary Armored Hoody


Probably one of my favorite items in this gear line up is the Moto Mercenary Armored Hoody. This casual jacket has the look and feel of your favorite hoody, but still provides protection on the road. Its been made with an enzyme washed cotton poly-blend frame, and removable Vault CE approved armor has been placed in the shoulders and elbows, and a spine protector has been included as well. It’s raw edge seams give the jacket a rugged look, and the logos are premium 3D embroidered.

There are plenty of items to choose from in this gear line up that can be worn separately, or altogether depending on your personal style and preference. Whichever way you choose, when you wear a Moto Mercenary logo, people will know you’re a soldier for the road. For more information about the Moto Mercenary gear line up, Speed and Strength, and other riding jackets, riding shoes, and motorcycle helmet options, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

For The Zombie Lovers: Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet Graphic

The Walking Dead. Zombies. Brains, Blood, and Gore. Do I have your attention yet? Well, if I don’t, this new helmet graphic from Icon will. The Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet has been given a wickedly eye catching graphic. The design consists of a screaming skull with soul-less eyes, a ‘Jason-type’ figure wielding a chainsaw, and enough gushing blood to make Quentin Tarantino blush. Clearly, this helmet is not for the faint of heart. Oh, and did I mention,…it glows in the dark!; meaning people will see this mobile terror day or night! This definitely ain’t your momma’s helmet, but if chainsaws and madness is your thing, pick up the Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet! To learn more about the Chainbrain, The Icon Airmada Helmet, and other Icon gear, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

Side View
It Glows!!!

Speed & Strength SS600 Helmet

The Speed and Strength SS600 is a 3/4, open face helmet that packs a punch in terms of quality and convenience. Made with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Shell, this helmet meets/exceeds DOT standards to provide safety. The interior has a custom, quilted comfort lining, as well as a double ‘D’ ring retention system for a secure fit and closure. Speed and Strength has also included their ‘AirStrike’ Direct Course Ventilation System. This system consists of closeable vents on the front an rear of the helmet for optimum circulation and air flow. The Speed and Strength SS600 Helmet is available in a couple different options:

Speed and Strength SS600 Speed Shop Graphic
Speed and Strength SS600 Back In Black Graphic








For more information on this Speed & Strength helmet, Speed and Strength gear, and other open face helmets, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!


Speed & Strength SS1100 Helmet

When a helmet has been designed by a pro, it’s gotta be good right?! Who else would know more about what a rider is looking for in their gear besides an actual rider? Well, Speed & Strength has added to their all new helmet line up, a full face lid that has been designed by professional racer, Rickey Gadson. The Speed & Strength SS1100 helmet is loaded with some great features, and tricked out with some killer graphics. The SS1100 has an ATPA (Advanced Thermo Poly Alloy) shell, for lighter weight, increased impact resistance; and it also meets/exceeds DOT & ECE 22-05 standards. The interior of the helmet is made from a Cool-core, removable, washable, moisture wicking fabric, that will help keep the rider dry and comfortable. For ventilation, Speed and Strength has incorporated their ‘Airstrike’ Direct Course Ventilation System; which has strategically placed intake vents, as well as integrated cooling channels in the EPS liner to provide max airflow. If you ever need to replace your shield, the ‘Lock N’ Load’ shield replacement system has a quick release lever allowing for quick, easy, tool-less shield changes. The face-shield itself has been made with an ‘All Clear Sight System’ which makes it optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV resistant. The SS1100 comes in solids, as well as plenty of great graphics including:


-Speed & Strength SS1100 Moto Mercenary
-Speed & Strength SS1100 Flower Power
-Speed & Strength SS1100 62 Motorsports
-Speed & Strength SS1100 Stars and Stripes
















For more information about the SS1100 helmet, other Speed and Strength gear, or to see our wide selection of full face helmets, checkout our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

Icon Airframe Carbon RR Helmets Review

Rear View

The Icon Airframe Carbon RR Helmet is a top of the line full face helmet design with a hand-crafted fiberglass/carbon fiber/dyneema shell construction. The face-shield is a ‘quick-change-fog-free’ proshield with side plates and provides zero distortion optics. The shield has also been incorporated with a prolock secure shield locking system. There are several removable/replaceable features on the Icon Airframe Carbon RR. The first is a removable, molded breath deflector to help reduce shield fogging. There is also a removable chin curtain, which can be installed to help keep unwanted airflow from coming into the helmet; and finally, there is the removable, HydraDry moisture wicking liner. Oversized intake and exhaust ports are going to guarantee you optimum air circulation. To learn more about the Icon Airframe Carbon RR Helmet, Icon gear, and other full face helmet options, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!