River Road Zippered Boots Review


Side zippers always make motorcycle boots easier to get on, but which pair is best for you? Well the River Road Double Zipper Field Boots and the River Road Side Zip Highway Boots are two styles that are very similar, but still have their own flair.

The River Road Double Zipper Field Boots have a 1-7/8” lugged heel with 7.5” tall uppers and are easy to get in & out of due to the 4.5” zipper on each side of their full grain leather uppers. While the River Road Side Zip Highway Boots are only 6” tall with a 1.25” lugged heel and even though they only have one zipper on the outside of each boot, they are still extremely easy to slip on and off.

Both built with a tempered steel shank, an oil-resistant, treaded, rubber outsole and Goodyear® welt construction, these riding boots will stand up to whatever you put them through. But don’t worry if they start to show wear after the many miles they take you on, they can be re-soled so you won’t have to break in a new pair. And with their padded insole and breathable lining, no matter which you choose to add to your motorcycle gear collection, both of these River Road boots will allow you to ride & walk around, all day, in comfort.


River Road Twin Buckle Engineer Boots Review – Mens & Womens


Are you looking for a great pair of durable motorcycle boots that will be easy to slip on and off? Then check out the  River Road Twin Buckle Engineer Boots, available for both men and women, to see if they’re the boots you need to add to your stockpile of motorcycle gear.










Not only do these riding boots look tough, they’re built tough. Constructed of a heavy duty, yet rich, smooth, full grain, oiled leather upper with an insole that is breathable and padded they’ll keep your feet comfy all day. Able to take a rough ride due to the slip resistant outsole, 1-5/8” threaded heel and tempered steel shank the River Road Twin Buckle Engineer Boots will last you for years. With an 11” upper on the mens version and a 7.5” upper on the Womens River Road Twin Buckle Engineer Boots, they are designed with two small buckles at the top and one across the front of the ankle to give them a little bit of style too. River Road offers many styles of motorcycle boots if you’re not keen on these. Check them all out at Compacc.com today.


River Road Harness Boots Review – Mens & Womens


Riding a motorcycle & wearing tough looking biker boots go hand in hand and harness styled motorcycle boots have always been a favorite. River Road offers two styles, the River Road Traditional Square Toe Harness Boots and the River Road Ranger Harness Boots, in both mens & womens versions, that are nearly the same, yet each one has a few distinct qualities, so you can decide which suits your personality best.



Both styles of this old school riding boot have been constructed of full grain, oiled leather that is not only durable, but supple, so they feel as great as they look. To raise that comfort level they have padded, fully breathable, insoles so you can wear them all day long. With a tempered steel shank, slip resistant TPR outsoles and Goodyear® welt construction for durability & support, they will last you for years. But don’t worry if they ever start to show wear, these motorcycle boots can be re-soled so you don’t have to worry about breaking in a new pair!




There are of course a few differences in these two styles, so let me point those out, then you can choose if you want to add one or both, to your motorcycle gear collection. The features that are unique to the River Road Traditional Square Toe Harness Boots are that they come in either brown or black, have the traditional squared off toe, consist of a slightly taller heel at 1.75”, the upper is shorter at 10.25”, the upper edge of the boot is inverted and they display a varied tread pattern. The River Road Square Toe Zipper Harness Womens Leather Boots only differ in a few details. The heel is 1-1/8” in height, while the top edge is is straight cut and they have 6” zippers on each side of each boot so they’re easy to get on/off.




On the other side of the fence you have the River Road Ranger Harness Boots which are available in black only, the toe is rounded, they consist of a 1.5” lugged heel, are taller with an 11.5” upper, have a rounded upper edge and are designed with a simple tread pattern. Once again the ladies version is only slightly different. The River Road Lo-Cut Ranger Harness Womens Leather Boots only have a 5.5” upper while sporting a straight top edge.





Great styling, great quality, great look, great feel and great price make it a cinch to know you need these motorcycle boots in your closet, so now it’s time to decide…one, both or all three!


River Road Guardian Boots Review


Ever been on the bike and come across something cool to do but the motorcycle boots you’re wearing are just too uncomfortable to walk around in for too long. Well next time make sure you’re wearing a pair of River Road Guardian Boots so you can go hike to that waterfall or spend all day exploring that event you just came across.



These riding boots are constructed of a durable leather and mesh hybrid, that has an athletic fit, so you can always be ready to tackle whatever adventure you encounter while out riding. Identical, except for height, the River Road Guardian Tall Boots come with a 9.5” upper to give you that additional support if that’s something you need, but if a 6” upper is more to your liking, then go with the regular River Road Guardian Boots.





Both styles of these motorcycle boots are lightweight, with a EVA footbed that contours to your foot to fight fatigue, by evenly distributing your weight. They are not only comfortable due to the breathable lining that wicks away moisture and the mesh panels that allow air flow, but also have a skid & oil resistant rubber bottom outsole that will keep you safe whether riding or walking around.



So if you have an active lifestyle on and off of your bike, then be prepared for whatever fun things come your way but adding either the River Road Guardian Boots or the River Road Guardian Tall Boots to your motorcycle gear collection.


River Road Turnpike Cruiser Tour Boots Review


Is it a time for a new pair of  riding boots that you can wear everyday or on a long trip? Then you’ll wanna check out the River Road Turnpike Cruiser Tour Boots.

Constructed with a tempered steel shank, a 1.75” threaded heel and a slip resistant outsole you know they are going to be tough enough to go the distance. These motorcycle boots will be not only be durable but comfortable due to the fully padded breathable insole that will cushion your foot plus with an 11” upper and a 6” velcro closure on the outside of the boot to keep them closed, you can rest assured that the River Road Turnpike Cruiser Tour Boots will be just what you need in your motorcycle gear collection, whether you’re just cruisin’ around town or touring the country.