MCI Plans to Launch eMCI for Alternative Fuel Motorcycles

motorcycle_industry_associationElectric motorcycles continue to gain popularity, and are slowly becoming mainstream vehicles. Because of this, the Motorcycle Industry Association has announced its intent to launch the eMCI, a “partner” association which would deal primarily with alternative fuel motorcycles.

The MCI believes that there is a huge potential for electric motorcycles, and promises to “proactively promote and develop a positive market and political environment” for electric motorcycles.

The MCI is hoping to create the eMCI to force government to take electric motorcycles seriously. A recent electric transport initiative in the UK, the “plug in grant,” excluded electric motorcycles. In response to the electric motorcycle snub, the MCI wrote the “Report on the Sector and Opportunities for Realizing Government Objectives,” which discussed the MCI’s intent to create the eMCI.

“Despite the current low numbers of ePTWs being sold, the indications are that this sector will experience significant growth over the next few years,” said Steve Kenward, MCI CEO. “Socio/political pressure and environmental concerns are painting a clear road map to the future of transport and transport policy, so it is vital that the ePTW (Alternative Powered Two Wheel) sector benefits from specific support from the established UK industry Association, in order to ensure that both new and existing ePTW players can maximize market and public policy opportunities as the motorcycle product offering evolves. This is why we are launching eMCI as a specific platform for the alternative powered sector.”

The eMCI will create a single voice for the ePTW sector in the UK. The MCI hopes that the eMCI will help give electric motorcycles the support they need to thrive.

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