Martin Heath, Capturing MotoGP One Frame at a Time

MartinHeathHave you ever wished you had open access to a MotoGP event without anything blocking your view? Imagine having open access to all the MotoGP race tracks and being able to see all the races just feet away from the track. Martin Heath, the leading MotoGP photographer, has this type of access. Martin Heath Photography is releasing two limited edition prints. The racers featured in these limited editions are Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi, the two riders that will be heading up the Ducati MotoGP team.

The Valentino Rossi series will feature him during his last season on a Yamaha. One print is from Laguna Seca’s Rainey Curve, with Rossi and his M1 draped in the special one-off Fiat 500 ‘Fans Faces’ livery. The second crystal clear image hails from Phillip Island, showing Rossi’s commitment as he peels into the infamous Lukey Hieghts.

Martin-heath-Rossi_Phillip_Island Martin-Heath-Rossi_Laguna_Seca

The Nicky Hayden series feature him in memorable moments. One print features a shot full of emotion as Nicky Hayden celebrates the 2006 World Championship victory for Honda at Valencia.  The second shot with the iconic backdrop of The Wall at Aragon in 2010. Nicky Hayden made a last-lap, last gasp move on Jorge Lorenzo to claim the final step on the podium – his first for Ducati.

Martin-Heath-NickyWall Martin-Heath-NickyValencia

Martin Heath told “Shooting wise, Mugello and Jerez are high up there as my favourites, but also Laguna Seca and Phillip Island. Because the air is so pure and unpolluted it gives a really nice, crisp, saturated image.”

Martin Heath is an award-winning photographer based in London, England. Specializing in MotoGP, he has been a pro photographer since 1998. Martin shoots in a unique and creative style using natural light to create his distinctive images. Contact information for Martin Heath Can be found on his website

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