Young Takes the Race Win at Barber

Young_and_HayesBlake Young took his fifth win of the 2011 AMA Superbike season today by beating out Josh Hayes and Martin Cardenas around the Barber Motorsports Park track. Young was able to podium at both races this weekend in Alabama, but still trails Hayes in the overall standings by two points.

Tommy Hayden led the opening laps during today’s Superbike race. Hayden was followed by Young, Hayes, Cardenas, and Roger Hayden. Both Hayden brothers would eventually retire from the race, however, leaving Young, Hayes, and Cardenas to battle it out for the victory.

Cardenas made a valiant effort in the Alabama heat, but eventually Young and Hayes were able to establish a gap between the third place rider.

“They were gaining some time on me,” Cardenas said. “I was working very hard to close the gap, but in the end I was just exhausted. Third is still very good. We were as close as ever to the front so I am very happy.”

Young and Hayes dueled at the front, as both riders took turns leading the way around the track. Young took the lead in the closing laps, and Hayes just couldn’t find his way around.

“He rode a great race,” Hayes said. “He rode a smart race, he beat me. But we’re going to figure out how to get out in front and win a few more races.”

Young had a slow start to the weekend and earned a rare second row start. But Young was able to pick up the slack in the race.

“It’s never easy to start when you’re on the second row,” Young said. “It change my strategy a little bit. You know, my team puts everything into giving me a good bike, so I just had to keep after it.”

Hayes maintains the points lead in the AMA Superbike series, but not by much. Young trails Hayes by just 2 points. Hayden, who is third in the standings, lost some valuable points today when he had to retire with a mechanical issue. Hayden now has 182 points, 53 behind Hayes.

AMA Superbike Results – Race 2 – Barber Motorsports Park

  1. Young
  2. Hayes
  3. Cardenas
  4. Rapp
  5. Bostrom
  6. Pegram
  7. May
  8. Clark
  9. Peris
  10. Beach
[Photo Courtesy of Brandon Jackson from Nashville Riders]

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Live Updates From Infineon: AMA Superbike Race 2

Josh_start_finish_straightJosh Hayes feels at home at Infineon. Hayes won both races at the California track in 2010, and took a comfortable win on Saturday. Hayes will be the man to beat today as the Superbike riders line up for the second race of the weekend at the Infineon Raceway.

Jake Holden could have given Hayes a run for his money on Saturday, but a mistake early in the race dropped him back from second to ninth. Holden was able to work his way through the field to take 2nd. If Holden can ride an error free race, he has the speed to challenge Hayes for the win.

Martin Cardenas should also be riding at the front. Cardenas did crash this morning and suffered a dislocated shoulder. Cardenas has been cleared to race this afternoon, but his shoulder could hinder his performance today.

And they’re off!

And they’re red flagged!

Martin Cardenas crashes in the corner. His bike rolls up onto the air wall. The race has been red flagged for motorcycle removal.

Chris Ulrich also went down on lap 1.

The riders are back on the grid. There will be a full restart.

The Superbike riders are back on the track. They’ll take a warm up lap before we restart race 2 from Infineon.

And they’re off again.

Three more riders go down!

JD Beach has his leg run over by another motorcycle.

No red flag but three more riders are out of the race.

JD Beach, Tony Casper, and Jordy Burgess all crashed in the incident. All riders are up and ok.

Hayden take the lead, followed by Young, Hayes, and Bostrom.

Lap 2: Hayden, Hayes, Young, Pegram, Bostrom. , Rapp, Hayden, Toye, Clark, May

Hayes sets him up to overtake at turn six. Sneaks by onthe inside, but is overtaken by Hayden on turn 7.

Hayden leads by .2 seconds. Hayes has . 3 seconds ahead of Young.

Hayes makes the same move on turn 6, and this time he’s able to cut infront of Hayden to keep him from passing.

Hayes sets his fastest lap, a 1’37.25, and leads the race by .3 seconds.

Shortly behind the top three, Pegram, Bostrom, Rapp and R. Hayden are fighting for the fourth place spot.

Martin Cardenas is working his way up from the back. Cardenas is now in 12h place.

Hayes and Hayden are pulling away. Young is now 1.7 seconds behind the top two.

Hayes is doing a good job keeping Hayden at bay. Hayes crosses the line .2 seconds ahead of Hayden.

The field is beginning to stretch out. Hayes and Hayden up front. Followed by Young, who has a good gap ahead of Larry Pegram. Behind Pegrap there is another gap before Rapp and Bostrom.

Hayden just puts in the fastest lap of the race (a 1’36.6). He’s determined not to let Hayes pull away.

Hayden cuts the gap down to .18 seconds.

Pegram’s trying to push it to catch Young. But Young has three seconds on the BMW rider.

Lap 10: Hayes – Hayden – Young – Pegram – Rapp – Bostrom – Hayden – Clark – Toye – Peris.

Hayes gains a few bike lengths, crosses the line .3 seconds ahead of Hayden. Both the top riders are consistently putting in mid 1’36 laps.

In 6th place, Bostrom and R. Hayden are battling down the track.

Hayden and Hayes are wheel to wheel. It looks like Hayden is just waiting for his moment to pass.

Hayes and Hayden have 10 seonds now ahead of Young.

Martin Cardenas has climbed up to 9th place.

Lap 14: Hayes – Hayden – Young – Pegram – Rapp – Bostrom – R Hayden – Clark – Cardenas – Peris

Hayden is shadowing Hayes’ every move. Hayden is now .07 seconds behind the leader.

Hayes is holding a very tight line around the track, giving Hayden almost no opportunities to pass. Hayden is just waiting for the small mistake that will allow him to take the lead.

Hayes nearly loses it over the rumble strip, but manages to hang on.

Young has four seconds ahead of Pegram, who is now battling for fourth with Rapp.

Hayden makes the pass!

Haye runs wide and gives Hayden a little breathing room.

Wow. Hayden crosses the line and has a second gap over Hayes.

Four laps to go. Hayden – Hayes – Young – Pegram – Rapp – R Hayden – Bostrom – Cardenas – Clark – Peris

Pegram and Rapp are battling for fourth, while R Hayden and Bostrom fight for 6th.

Lap 20: Hayes is starting to close the gap, but with two laps to go, he may not have enough time.

Final lap/ Hayden still has a .9 second lead.

Hayden – Hayes – Young – Pegram – Rapp – Bostrom – R Hayden – Cardenas

Tommy Hayden takes the win!

On the podium – Hayden, Hayes, Young.

Full Race Report to Follow.

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