A Tough Waterproof Womens Jacket – the Joe Rocket Luna 2.0

Ladies if you’re looking for a waterproof motorcycle jacket, that is also feminine looking, then look no further. The Joe Rocket Luna 2.0 Jacket for Women comes in pretty colors, seven sizes, is form fitting, plus it offers protection.

Constructed of a durable Rock Tex 600 denier material that is waterproof, you’ll stay dry if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse. If you happen to hit the pavement, you’ll not only have the abrasion resistance of the textile, but also impact protection in the shoulders & elbows due to the CE rated armor and your spine will be safe with the integrated back pad. The Joe Rocket Luna 2.0 Jacket has a removable insulated vest liner to keep you warm if you need it, multiple vents to cool you off if the weather gets warm (including a vent zippered front section), several adjustments to get a precise fit and a zipper to attach your favorite riding pants. Get an in-depth look by checking out the video below, then let us know what you think about this great Joe Rocket Ladies Jacket.

Sleek, Stylish Motorcycle Leather – the Joe Rocket Speedway Leather Jacket

If you guys are looking for a basic leather riding jacket, the Joe Rocket Speedway Leather Jacket has what you need. Clean lines, abrasion protection and an comfortable fit that is perfect for your everyday riding.

speedway-mensConstructed of premium 1.2mm leather that has been double stitched in the stress areas, the Joe Rocket Speedway Leather Jacket will protect you from road rash if you happen to take a slide down the pavement. A fully sleeved, insulated,  removable liner can help you adjust to the days temperatures and vents in the biceps, along with grommets under the arms, helps cool you off when the weather heats up.

speedway-mens-backA soft microfiber lined mandarin collar keeps your neck warm and comfortable, while adjustments at the waist and wrists of this leather motorcycle jacket help you get a precise fit. A reflective stripe down the sleeve of this Joe Rocket Jacket gives you visibility at night and you have your choice of a stealthy black, a bright red or a a subtle ivory color in that eye-catching racing stripe.

Joe Rocket is known to produce high quality motorcycle jackets and this one is no exception. Check out the below video for a better look at this cool new leather jacket.


The Tough Leather Textile Hybrid Joe Rocket Comet Jacket

Hybrid motorcycle jackets are all the rage and the Joe Rocket Comet Jacket doesn’t disappoint with it’s durable and cool looking combination of leather and textile.comet-mens

Sporting an outer shell of RockTex™600 with 1.22mm leather in the high impact areas, along the sleeves, this blend of materials will keep you protected if you have an unfortunate date with the road. Add CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus a spine pad and the Joe Rocket Comet Jacket has you fully covered. Plus there are expansion panels to give you maximum flexibility while in the riding position.

comet-mens-backTo keep you cool there are vents in the torso, biceps and back plus a removable insulated vest liner to warm you up if the weather takes a turn to the chilly side. Multiple adjustments keep this motorcycle jacket snug and a zipper, along with snap loops, will keep it pulled down on your lower back if you hook them to your pants. A soft mandarin collar, several pockets and reflective material top off this  great hybrid Joe Rocket Comet Jacket.

To give you a better look, check out our review video below. And if you’re interested in taking a look at some other Joe Rocket Jackets, check them out on our site, many have video’s that you can check out as well, so you can decide which style is the best fit for you.

Fantastic Hybrid Motorcycle Jacket – the Joe Rocket Reactor 3.0 Leather Mesh Jacket

Offering the air flow of mesh with the protection of leather, the Joe Rocket Reactor 3.0 Leather Mesh Jacket is a great option for a hybrid jacket if you’re looking for a three season motorcycle jacket.

reactor-3.0-mensThree main components make up the construction of this riding jacket. There’s leather in the impact areas for abrasion resistance, along with large panels of FreeAir™ polymesh for superior air flow, plus integrated RockTex 660™ for additional durability. To provide you with optimal protection, you’ll find CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, along with a removable spine pad. The Joe Rocket Reactor 3.0 Jacket also has a drop down back waist that has additional padding to protect you in case you happen to go down.





A removable waterproof/windproof liner will keep you dry and warm if the weather turns on you, while adjustments along the waist, wrist cuffs and forearms give you a great fit. To help keep this motorcycle jacket snug down at the waist there is not only an integrated 8″ zipper for a pants attachment, but there also are snap loops. Reflective piping to keep you visible and a few pockets top off this great riding jacket.

Joe Rocket is known for making high quality riding apparel and this jacket is no exception. Take a look at the video below to get a more in-depth look at the Joe Rocket Reactor 3.0 Leather Mesh Jacket. 

Tough Yet Girly – the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Womens Mesh Jacket

Ladies if you’re looking for a durable, protective motorcycle mesh jacket, that has a feminine style and shape, then the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Womens Mesh Jacket  should end your search.  Available in five great color combo’s and sizes XS – Diva 2 (3XL), we’re sure you can find the perfect fit and style to suit you.










This very popular jacket is constructed of a FreeAir™ mesh torso and back for great air flow, with tough RockTex™ reinforcements in the shoulders and arms for abrasion resistance. It has also been equipped with CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus a removable spine pad, to give you impact protection if you happen to hit the pavement. Reflective striping also gives you extra visibility, so cagers will see you when you’re out riding around.



Another great feature of the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Womens Mesh Jacket is the removable waterproof liner to keep you dry if there’s a hint of rain in the air. If it’s a warm, sunny day and there’s no rain in the forecast, just zip it out for maximum air flow throughout the jacket and you’ll stay cool while riding.


cleo-2.2-winecleo-2.2-blackDesigned to fit the curves of a woman, this womens motorcycle jacket has the 9-point SureFit™ adjustment system built in. There are three horizontal straps across the lower back which can snug the jacket around your waist, a zipper on each back hip area to give you more room while seated, snap adjustment tabs on each forearm to take up the slack material in the arms, snap & zipper cuffs to tighten up the sleeves. plus a drop tail to cover your lower back while riding.

To keep your personal stuff close by, this Joe Rocket Jacket has three pockets and as a bonus, there is an audio device port near the neck area to run your headphone wire thru, so you can communicate with others or listen to music. With an 8″ pant attachment zipper inside the back, this jacket has most everything covered that you would need or want in a riding jacket. Check out the video below, where we will show you in detail, all the great features of this jacket. It’s very comfortable and fit me like a glove, so I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a lightweight mesh motorcycle jacket. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, we’re happy to help!