Zero Motorcycles: Bringing Innovative Electric Motorcycle Designs

Written by Taryn Kukucka, Courtesy of zero_bikes
We can’t seem to get away from the electric motorcycle craze here at AllAboutBikes, and lately I feel like that’s all I’ve been talking about. The benefits of going electric are obvious, and now even the California Energy Commission is taking notice.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader for the electric motorcycle industry, was recently awarded a $900,000 grant to develop an advanced compact electric powertrain project, with the help of electric powertrain component suppliers. The Zero internal development team created a strategy to ensure their electric rides provide the leading range, performance, and efficiency for buyers.

The Zero headquarters are located in Santa Cruz where residents look to gain employment opportunities and economic growth because of the project. On top of the $900,000 from the California Energy Commission, the city of Santa Cruz and additional contributors brought the funding amount to a staggering $1,840,000.

Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles recently said, “This is a milestone for us because it allows Zero to control the development of its entire powertrain.”