Rea Talks About Injury From Hospital; Hopeful for Race Return [Video]

jonathan_rea_hospital_bedJust days before the start of the 2011 World Superbike championship season began, Jonathan Rea suffered a high speed accident at the Phillip Island track. Rea was taken to the hospital for x-rays, fearing that he broke his wrist. But Rea released a video today, saying that he did not suffer any serious injury, and that he was hopeful that he’d be on the grid this weekend for the start of the 2011 World Superbike season.

Rea posted a video from his hospital bed in Melbourne.

“Here I am in the hospital, not really how I wanted my championship to begin. I went down really hard on turn three during the test day… The bike spat me off really hard, probably a130mph crash,” Rea said. “But the most worrying thing for me was the possibility of aggravating the old injury to my hand… But all the X-rays and CT scans showed that there are no fractures. There maybe a fracture to the edge of my left collarbone, which I hope is a previous injury.

“Hopefully we can get out of here later today with good results and I can be on the grid on Friday. We’ll see how it goes. I am really optimistic because I have a range and movement in both my hands, which seemed to bear the brunt of the crash. We’ll try to swelling down to a minimum, but hopefully I can get on the bike without too much discomfort, and get out on the grid on Sunday trying as hard as ever.”

Here is the video from Jonathan Rea.

The World Superbike season starts on Sunday, the 27th.

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RiderDown Foundation: Helping Injured Dirt Riders


We motorcyclists can be a decidedly individualistic and independent group.  After all, riding is a wonderfully solitary activity.  However, there is an old adage that there is no minor motorcycle accident.  When the worst happens, it’s nice to know that there is a group of charitable and selfless riders ready to help.

The group of which I am speaking is the RiderDown Foundation.  Since 2004, the nationwide network of volunteers has been ready and willing to supply support and assistance to injured dirt riders.  The non-profit charitable organization has been active in fulfilling its mission of “Helping Riders Up.”

The group is dedicated to helping responsible off-road motorcyclists and ATV riders and racers who have been injured.  The foundation is an active fundraising entity that uses proceeds to provide medical and family support for individuals injured while riding.  The RDF also provides help in the form of medical bill reviews to help riders avoid the cost of excessive or unnecessary medical charges.

To find out more on the riders the foundation has aided, and to see how you can help, visit the RDF website at

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