World Superbike Series Continues to Grow


World Superbike 2011

Over the last few years, the World Superbike series has truly become a world event. Live coverage has increased 27% since 2007, and broadcast partners have grown by 40%. Coverage is great, but so is the consistent support of fans. The World Superbike series literally travels the globe, and millions of people show up at each circuit.

FIM & Infront continue to invest in the WSBK, and fans keep wanting more. The series is now shown in over 175 countries, and the audience continues to grow.

“During the past three years, Infront has invested considerable efforts into promoting the series as well as enhancing it in various fields – be it the brand positioning, the TV coverage, the marketing or the fan interaction,” said Vito Ippolito, President of the FIM. “We highly appreciate the significant contribution and comprehensive know-how of the Infront Group and will closely co-operate in ensuring the successful future of the championship. It is clearly a core asset for FIM.”

The WSBK has increased its viewership by 33% since 2007, and has nearly reached a cumulative audience of 500 million people.

Together with FIM we will further develop the unique identity of Superbike and make sure that it remains its strong position within the motor sports realm,” said Philippe Blatter, President & CEO of Infront. “The much increased TV audience in 2010 and the raising popularity among motor sports fans, clearly indicates the potential of this competition. We are prepared to further invest into the property creating more added-value for commercial partners and further excitement for the fans.”

The World Superbike series redesigned its website in 2009, and even launched an iPhone app. FIM and Infront Sports & Media had a top level meeting this weekend. They agreed to continue their partnership and to continue to grow the World Superbike series. With this partnership continuing, the WSBK is bound to grow even more.

Of course, the world class racing doesn’t hurt either.

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of