Victory Motorcycles to Head to India in 2012

victory_motorcyclesAnother manufacturer is heading to the booming motorcycle market in India. Victory Motorcycles will be heading to India by next year, and could be building a manufacturing plant in the near future.

Victory has not made an official announcement yet, but according to India’s Business Standard, Victory could be in India as early as 2012.

Victory will be showcasing models for the India market at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, which is the largest automobile expo in India.

Victory is expected to start selling CBUs (completely Built Units) in India starting next year. Victory has not yet announced which models will be sold in India, or if any new models will be built with the India market specifically in mind.

Harley-Davidson has been selling motorcycles in India, and they are now building a manufacturing plant. The on location assembly plant is expected to drop prices by up to 30%. After Victory tests out its motorcycles on the India market, the company is expected to set up its own assembly plant.

Victory Motorcycles, which is owned by Polaris Industries, currently has operations in Germany, Spain, New Zealand, France, Scandinavia, the United States, and the UK.

UPDATE: All About Bikes Magazine reached out to Victory Motorcycles for a comment on the India situation. Robert Pandya, who is in charge of marketing public relations at Victory, said:

“Polaris has recently established a subsidiary in India and we are currently researching that market as well as several others around the world. At this point, it is premature to make any comments on the expansion of our brands, a process that takes considerable research and time to ensure when we do launch in any country we offer the levels of customer satisfaction that are expected from our company.”

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