MotoGP Heading to India?

formula_1_india_gpThe MotoGP is on a constant quest to make the Motorcycle World Championship a truly global event. In 2011, the MotoGP will visit 13 countries on four continents, and soon, they could be making the trip to India.

Formula One racing will make its debut in India this October, and according to Manuel Arroyo, the managing director of Dorna Sports, the MotoGP could be heading there soon as well.

“We definitely want to come to India,” Arroyo told the Times of India. “We are in the first stage of talks and if India, which is hosting the F1 race in October, manages to fulfill the conditions,then a Moto GP in Delhi is not far off.”

The Mahindra Racing team, India’s first MotoGP team, is already bringing the sport to fans around India.

“The Indian team’s presence will go a big way in getting the knowledge of the sport to India,” Arroyo said. “The objective is to make it a worldwide event.”

The Mahindra Racing team currently only has a rider in the 125cc division, but if the sport continues to grow in India, it is likely that the team will expand its efforts.

The MotoGP has already added a new circuit to the calendar with the Texas GP starting in 2013. The MotoGP is also in talks to add races in Dubai, Brazil, and Argentina.

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