Ian McElroy Adds Diesel Engine to Kickboxer Concept Motorcycle

Ian_McElroy_Kickboxer_DieselLast year, Ian McElroy unveiled an amazing piece of machinery, the Kickboxer concept motorcycle. McElroy’s Kickboxer motorcycle took Subaru’s Boxer engine, and stuffed it inside a motorcycle frame. Well, McElroy has just one upped himself, and has added a diesel engine to his Kickboxer concept.

“I have been wanting to put Subaru’s diesel engine into the Kickboxer ever since I finished the design,” said MeElroy. “The diesel engine is more compact than it’s gasoline counterpart, and the idea of a powerful engine which affords great fuel economy really appeals to me.”

McElroy replaced Subaru’s four cylinder engine with a more compact, more efficient diesel engine. McElroy also gave the bike new body work and a different swing arm design.

McElroy has also given his diesel concept all-wheel drive. The bike has two chains to power both wheels, LED lighting, and an under engine turbo charger.Kickboxer_Diesel

“Making the engine fit was relatively easy,” McElroy said. “But I also decided to differentiate the Diesel bike from the original with new bodywork, swingarms, and a different turbo layout.”

McElroy’s beautiful bike is just a concept for now, but he says that he has all the information he needs to make the bike a reality, all he needs is the cash.

When McElroy designed his firs Kickboxer, he said that he designed “the model to be accurate and realistic enough to build a real bike from. If I had the money, I could take the CAD files straight to a machinist, and have the parts made today.”

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com