The Ghost Rider, Sweden’s Serial Speed Limit Violator, Giving Away Hayabusa

hyabusa_turboTo some he’s a renegade who operates outside of the law. To others, he’s a hazard that will end up killing himself or an innocent bystander. To all, he’s the Ghost Rider.

The world’s most famous serial speed limit violator is giving away his 500 HP Turbo Charged Hyabusa.

The turbo charged Hyabusa has been used on the Ghost Rider to taunt police, pop 180 mph wheelies, and make a few DVDs.

Gizmodo reports that the Ghost Rider (who may be Swedish racer Patrik Furstenhoff, or possibly Patrik and a group of friends) shot to fame in 2002 when he released the DVD Ghost Rider: The Final Ride. Since then the Ghost Rider has released five more DVDs detailing his run-ins with, and run-aways from, the law.

Here’s the trailer for Ghost Rider’s first video.

Are you a fan of the Ghost Rider? Are you impressed or annoyed with his disregard for the law?

If you want a chance to win his turbo charged Hyabusa you can register here.