Listen Up Georgia – Historic Moto Gran Prix!

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

HMGP logo If you miss this event, and you realistically could have attended, you will be kicking yourself in the arse for months to come. The Historic Moto Gran Prix (HMGP) will be held at two locations in Georgia over the next few weeks. The first event will be held between 17 and 19 September 2010 at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA. The second stop is a special event and vintage bike show with co-sponsor HSR which takes place on Hutchinson Island, Savannah, GA from 29 to 31 October 2010.

All vintage, historic, rare or former factory race bikes are welcome to either come out to show or to join in the racing. AtHMGP Paddock each of the two currently planned events, special – and free – hospitality will be provided for all participants who join the HGMP. Joining comes with the special (and purposeful) benefit of allowing you to participate in all future events – show and/or race. Members also get access to some of the most well-known classic bike nuts in the US.

Racing at HGMP consists of ‘gentlemen’s racing’ with racers competing in four classes which are mostly grouped by production years. Members of the group come from a large variety of backgrounds and occupation, but all are passionate about historic motorcycles with a special interest in former race machines.

HGMP Yama-Monster Road Atlanta’s stop will feature some special machines and personalities. First up is a Cycle World ringer by the name of Ben Bostrom, who will be riding some of the race bikes at speed around the circuit while Brian Blades works his visual magic with his camera. World Superbike Champion Scott Russell will also throw a leg over a few. There will also be a visit to the track of a Honda NSR 500 GP bike and the Moto2 (spec-Honda 600cc & FTR M210 chassis) courtesy of Geoff Maloney of GP Tech. Jason DiSalvo took that bike to ninth place at the Indy MotoGP round and may take some laps at this event as well. HGMP Yama-Monster

The Hutchinson Island event will be jointly hosted by partner HSR (Historic Sports Car Racing, Ltd.) and will feature historic racing automobiles alongside the historic two-wheelers.

Much more is on offer, so take this link and learn more about the Historic Moto Gran Prix events for yourself. And…save your backside the pain and make your way to whichever event you can, or regret it later.

(Ed. – AAB contributor Neale Bayly is an HGMP member.)