Exo2 Makes Winter Riding Comfortable

Exo2_LogoWinter Shminter. Exo2 clothing, a heated clothing company based in the UK, has some of the best winter products around. Exo2 was built to provide winter clothing for the motorsports industry, but the success of its product has expanded Exo2’s base to incorporate hunting, military, medical, and liesure.

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The Biker Blues

winter_bike_400No, we’re not talking about Clarinets, bass and a funky drum beat, but the feeling you get when you are kept away from your beloved machine. Locked up away in the garage for days on end, just waiting for that tiny bit of sun and touch of warmth to come out, lays your motorcycle. Some parts of the World are luckier than others, with year round sun, a smooth cool breeze and endless miles of beautiful road to ride on.

The UK however, is a totally different ball game!  When October hits, that’s it. The temperature drops way below freezing, it snows and there are no roads in sight (literally!) And the roads that don’t suffer from the extreme cold temperatures are often smothered in grit for the salt trucks – Not so nice for that freshly polished paintwork!

One of the main reasons people stay away from riding their motorcycles during the winter months, is purely because of the cold weather. Forget the rain, snow and wind; it mainly comes down to this one thing. I certainly agree! I cannot stand the cold weather especially on my hands and feet. When they get to extreme cold temperatures, it reduces your concentration by nearly half! That is far too much reduced concentration for a motorcyclist! Not to mention the lack of usage once you can no longer feel them any more.

There are things you can do which will allow you to ride during the cold weather and still stay warm! For reasonable pricing, you can purchase heated clothing, from gloves to jackets as well as trousers and socks! Some of you reading this will know the feeling of having to travel into work on your motorcycle regardless of the weather – You will appreciate this the most! So, I decided to try out some heated clothing, of which I have sitting in a box in my front room, and will let you all know how it goes! Being able to ride in the freezing cold and still keep warm is quite exciting to say the least, but will it work?

Please comment below if you ride with heated clothing and what you think of it.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com