1 Wheel Revolution Stunt Show

1wheelrevolutionDoing a wheelie is cool. Doing a stoppie is impressive. Doing them on a Harley-Davidson is just insane. 1 Wheel Revolution, a V-Twin entertainment company, doesn’t see the limitations of their big motorcycles, they see the possibilities.

“We do all the things that you would typically see at a normal stunt show,” said Rob Carpenter, the co-founder of 1 Wheel Revolution. “But then we take it to another level. These bikes are capable of doing everything a sportbike can.”

Carpenter and co-founder Chris Rayburn have been stunting motorcycles for years, but this is the first year for 1 Wheel Revolution. Carpenter and Rayburn will do all of the typical stunts during their shows, like burnouts, wheelies, stoppies and handstands, but what sets 1 Wheel Revolution apart is that they do their tricks on big V-twin motorcycles.

A Harley Iron, a Buell XP9R, and the new Harley XR-1200 have approximately 300 more pounds wrapped around them than the typical sportbike. But Carpenter likes the challenge.

“The key is,” Carpenter says. “To make the bike do the work. It’s pretty hard to muscle a Harley. You need to let the bike move itself.”

Not impressed yet? Check out this video of 1 Wheel Revolution stunting on ice.

1 Wheel Revolution will be performing all over the country this year. If they aren’t performing near you, you can schedule an event here.

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Americade: The Largest Touring Motorcycle Rally in North America

AmericadeCrazy all night liquor-fueled parties. Gorgeous women dancing around in thongs and wet t-shirts. Those are just a few things that make most motorcycle rally’s great. Unfortunatley, they’re also the things that make most motorcycles rallies inaccessible to families. Americade, the largest touring motorcycle rally in North America, has all of the bikes, music, and fun as rallies like Sturgis, but without the debauchery.

“We try to offer something for everyone,” said Margie Connelly, the staff coordinator for Americade. “We have a lot of couples, a lot of families, a lot of motorcycle groups. A lot of different people come up for Americade. But just about everyone comes up on a motorcycle.”

Can’t Buy, At Least You Can Ride

motorcycle_manufacturersAmericade will have a huge selection of bikes this year for riders to take out on the road. Americade is still a few months away, but so far 16 manufacturers have signed up to bring their motorcycles to upstate New York. Harley-Davidson, Victory, Kymco, several trike companies… If you’ve seen it on the showroom floor, you can probably take it out on the road at Americade.

“Lot’s of people hear New York, and they don’t think of the Adirondacks, they think of New York City. But there’s some great riding at Americade,” said Connelly. “A lot of people come just so they can ride these different bikes. We have about 16 companies right now that are bringing truckloads of motorcycles for people to ride.”

If It’s Broken, They Can Fix It

Americade is a great place to try out new models, but it’s also a great place to fix up your old ride. The trade show at Americade is one of the biggest in the country. But it isn’t all for show. Need a new set of pipes? Shop around and get something installed while you enjoy the view over Lake George.

“We have over 250 vendors,” said Connelly. “And what makes our rally unique, is that at the trade show you can get a windshield installed, you can get your bike pinstriped, you can get new tires, or some new chrome installed. You can bring your bike in and have it worked on during the trade show.”

Need a Break From Motorcycles?

What makes Americade such a cool rally, is that it has so many cool activities. Yes, you could easily spend the entire 7 days going to the trade show, taking demo rides, and fixing up your bikes. But at Americade, you can also hop in a hot air balloon and check out the show from above.

From guided tours, poker runs, and demos, to white water rafting, hot air balloons, and horse back riding. Americade is more than just a motorcycle rally.

“It’s a family event,” Connelly said. “There are plenty of chances to party, but we try to keep it as safe and fun as possible. We try to make Americade a place where everyone is welcome.”

Americade will be held from June 6th to 11th at Ft. William Henry Resort on Lake George. Check out more about Americade here.

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Harley Donates $250,000 to Japan Relief Effort

harley_davidson_logoHarley-Davidson hasn’t been impacted by the Japan earthquake nearly as much as motorcycle manufacturers like Honda and Kawasaki, but the Harley-Davidson Foundation is still stepping up to help the Japanese relief effort. The Harley-Davidson Foundation announced today that it was making a $250,000 donation to Japan.

Harley’s donation will go to the Red Cross and will help the overall disaster relief efforts in Japan.

“Our hearts go out to all the people in Japan who have been impacted by these tragic events,” said Foundation President Gail Lione. “It is important to all of us at Harley-Davidson to support the relief efforts and help the country through this devastating time.”

Harley-Davidson’s Japan subsidiary has also set up a relief fund. The Japan subsidiary has been sending food, water, and supplies to disaster areas.

If you’d like to donate to the Japan relief effort, you can do so at RedCross.com.

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Harley-Davidson Freedom Film Festival Starts Thursday

easy_riderHarley-Davidson has been moving in on the Indian market for the last year, but they are doing more than just bringing their motorcycles to India, they’re bringing the culture. Harley-Davidson and PVR Cinemas are holding the “Harley-Davidson Freedom Film Festival” this week in Mumbai.

The fest will feature famous motorcycle movies like Easy Rider, Wild Hogs, and Ghost Rider.

The three day event will be held simultaneously in five cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chandigarh, will each get three days of motorcycle movies thanks to Harley and PVR Cinemas.

“The films selected in the festival are the best of Hollywood and I am sure that our patrons will love to see them and make the festival a huge success,” said Gautam Dutta, CEO, Cinemedia, PVR Ltd, in a statement.

Proceeds from the Harley-Davidson Freedom Festival will go to PVR Nest, the social responsibility initiative of PVR Cinemas. PVR Nest works with underprivileged children and deteriorating neighborhoods.

The Motorcycle Diaries and Wild One will also be shown during the motorcycle film festival.

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Harley Has Big Plans for 70th Annual Daytona Bike Week

harley_davidson_logoDaytona Bike Week is almost here, and Harley-Davidson is gearing up for the week long party. This is the 70th anniversay of Daytona Bike Week, and manufacturers are going all out to celebrate the occasion. Harley will be bringing over 70 motorcycles to the Daytona International Speedway, and has events planned all throughout the week.

“Daytona Bike Week launches the motorcycle riding season, and Harley-Davidson will be there at full throttle,” said Steve Piehl, Harley-Davidson Director of Customer Experience. “Our location at the Speedway gives riders a chance to enjoy any of our 75 demo bikes and we’re excited to be part of the thriving scene at Riverfront Park on Beach Street focusing on custom Harleys, cool clothing and great motorcycle experiences.”

Harley-Davidson will be set up in two locations at Daytona Bike Week. They’ll be set up on Beach Street, as well as at the Daytona International Speedway. Here are some of the events that will be going on at the Beach Street location, from March 5th to March 12th.

  • Harley-Davidson H-D1 customization tools and lifestyle interactive experience: Check out the latest options for lighting, exhaust systems, audio and more.
  • Harley-Davidson MotorClothes displays with demonstrations and seminars on helmet fit, Force Flex eyewear and Hi-Vis gear.
  • Women’s Area daily and 4th Annual Harley-Davidson MDA Women’s Ride Daytona, Tuesday, March 8 with registration at www.mdarides.org.
  • The Jack Daniels Experience
  • XR1200 Race Experience
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) raffle
  • Food, beverage, music and free parking

Here are some of the events that Harley will have going on at the Daytona International Speedway near the Intersection of Midway Avenue and Richard Petty Boulevard.

  • Harley-Davidson 2011 motorcycle demo rides
  • 2011 Harley-Davidson interactive motorcycle display
  • Fit Shop motorcycle experience – custom fit Harleys with riding experience
  • Food, beverage, music and free parking
  • AMA Pro Racing Vance & Hines XR1200 road race, Thursday-Friday, March 10-11. (Requires Speedway admission)

You can see more of what Harley has planned at Harley-Davidson.com.

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