Hannspree Teams with Michael Jordan Motorsports

Hannspree and Jordan Motorsports join forces!Hannspree is well known to fans of motorcycle racing at the World level, but it is rarely heard of in the United States. Times change, and so will that now that Hannspree has signed on as sponsor of the Michael Jordan Motorsports AMA Pro Superbike Championship team.

Jordan Motorsports

AMA Pro Racing has seen few privateers like the Michael Jordan Motorsports team in its eight years of racing motorcycles within those ranks. The team is no stranger to success, and they have been sponsored by some of the big names – though, it is arguable whether any name is bigger than Michael Jordan. They currently run two bikes in the AMA Superbike Championship, one runs under the Jordan Suzuki colors – Ben Bostrom – and the other with National Guard sponsorship – Roger Lee Hayden.Jordan Motorsports' Roger Lee Hayden

Jordan Motorsports’ first season in the AMA was back in 2004, at first with rider Montez Stewart, running in the Superstock and Supersport classes, and then Pascal Picotte taking on the Superbike Championship on a Superstock bike. Since that time, many of America’s best road racers have had time competing for Jordan Motorsports. The current line-up for Jordan Motorsports, Bostrom and Hayden, are the tenth and eleventh – not necessarily in that order – professionals to compete for the team. They have just one championship trophy, but they have numerous podiums and race wins, which together give Jordan Motorsports a top spot in the annals of AMA privateers.

Hannspree Racing

The Ten Kate Honda outfit has been racing in the FIM World Championship level for almost 20 years, with the most recent of those sponsored by Hannspree. The current team line-up is campaigning the World Supersport and World Superbike Championships, with the latter under the Castrol name for 2011. The many talented racers riding under their banner have had some impressive results. This season, the Hannspree Ten Kate Honda team is running with Fabian Foret and Florian Marino in Supersport.

Hannspree has been involved in motorsport for a number of years since the customer demographic they pursue overlaps quite well with the age and income range of motorcycle racing fans. The focus of Hannspree is “to produce unique and individual products at an affordable price.” Motorcyclists like to consider themselves individuals, and often are one-of-a-kind personalities, so the fit is obvious for Hannspree.

Hannspree and Jordan Motorsports

n example of the Jordan Motorsports liveryJordan Motorsports has a reputation as a team which considers design an integral part to winning races and doing business. Form and function are considered quite important; for an example take a close look at the livery run on the Jordan bikes throughout the years. This is where Hannspree manages to draw another parallel with the race team; the electronic products coming from their factories are all design-centric. The illustration here is the high-definition LCD Basketball Televisions which Hannspree will immediately be supplying to Jordan Motorsports.

Hannspree is joining a number of other partners who provide many and varied services, equipment and support for the entire Jordan Motorsports team. In fact, Hannspree joins the 19 other ‘technical suppliers’ which are already invested in the fortunes of Jordan Motorsports.

Hannspree will also provide netbook computers, other types of TVs and some specialized monitors for each of the stops in the Jordan Motorsports AMA Pro Racing Championship series. In fact, they are inviting fans to stop by for a chance to win some big prizes from Hannspree and Jordan Motorsports. If looks can kill, maybe they can help win, too; just watch Jordan Motorsports in 2011 to find out…

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com